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    Vito Acconci Installation / CD
The American Gift USA 1976

    Aitar CD
Aitar I China 2001

    Aitar CD
Aitar II China 2005

    Simo Alitalo Sound Installation
Viileaa /Sounds Cool Finland 2003

    Simo Alitalo Experimental Theatre
Boom Boom Boom (when I almost lost my faith in John Lee Hooker) Finland 2002

    Simo Alitalo Experimental Theatre
Coffeepercolator 2000 Finland 2000

    Maryanne Amacher CD
Sound Characters (Making of the 3rd Ear) USA 1999

    Maryanne Amacher Installation
TEO! A sonic sculpture Mexico 2005

    Maryanne Amacher soundinstallation
Gravity Germany 2006

    William Anastasi Drawing
John Cage USA 1986

    William Anastasi Object
Microphone USA 1963

    William Anastasi Conceptual Sculpture
Beethovens Fifth Symphony USA 1965

    William Anastasi Conceptual Work
Untitled 1964 USA 1964

    William Anastasi Sound sculpture
World's Greatest Music Germany 1977

    William Anastasi Drawings
Sound Drawings USA 1964

    Laurie Anderson Installation
Handphone Table USA 1978

    Laurie Anderson Installation
Whirlwind Germany 1996

    Antonin Artaud Acting role in Film
Napoleon France 1927

    Antonin Artaud -
The Passion of Joan of Arc France 1928

    Antonin Artaud Producer and Director
Alfred Jarry Theater France 1926

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