37 selected statement(s) appeared in 2008
Ros Bandt Radio Interview Interview
Ros Bandt Shima 8 Sonic Haiku for Kumi Installation Australia
Ros Bandt Iso Nagecki (Sea Lament) 5.1 surround sound installation Australia
Ros Bandt Isobue Double CD Australia
Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller The Murder of Crows Installation Germany
Kim Cascone Pharmacie: Red and Green CD-R USA
Richard Chartier Coccyx Crystallization Installation Netherlands
Jem Finer Water and Birds Soundwork / CD track England
Bill Fontana Kolumba Art Museum Permanent Installation Germany
Gary Hill Up Against Down 6 channel video/sound USA
Christina Kubisch Tea Time (Autumn Leaves Mix) Soundwork / CD track England
Cathy Lane On the Machair Soundwork Scotland
Pe Lang and Zimoun autonoumous vibration motors Sound object Switzerland
Pe Lang and Zimoun 8.1 surround sound system with 360º pivotal Sound Object Switzerland
Carsten Nicolai yes/no Sculpture Germany
Andreas Oldorp Lotos (Julius gewidmet) Sound Installation Germany
Andreas Oldorp Seestück Outdoor Sound Sculpture (proposal) Germany
Baudouin Oosterlynck Pour Seneffe Multiple Outdoor Installation Belgium
Fernando Ortega Piano Recital Soundwork Mexico
Dodo Schielein Soundart teamwork Performance Germany
Dan Senn Fanning Rejection Sound Installation USA
Sonic Youth Maelstrom Multichannel Performance Spain
J. Milo Taylor Dissolving Ghost Piano Sound Installation Germany
J. Milo Taylor Aldgate Animation Commissioned Sound Design England
J. Milo Taylor Waterbugs Light and Sound Installation Germany
J. Milo Taylor Little Johnny Anger Solo Performance Project England
J. Milo Taylor The Objectifiers Intermedia Performace England
J. Milo Taylor Another Type of WorkSong (for Huddie Ledbetter ) Soundwork England
J. Milo Taylor skype. voices LISTENING. 2008 Remodel Installation / Intervention Germany
J. Milo Taylor Obstruction Placed in the Path of the Artist Intervention Germany
Trimpin IF VI WAS IX: Roots and Branches Sculpture Installation USA
James Webb Scream Sound Action Spain
Hildegard Westerkamp MotherVoiceTalk Tape Composition Canada
John Wynne Someone else has died Radiowork/Hörspiele Canada
John Wynne ITU Video / Surround Sound England
Zoviet France DEADLY CARGO: RACKING THE NUCLEAR WARHEAD CONVOY Soundtrack for Documentary Scotland
Zoviet France Variations VII Performance England