70 selected statement(s) appeared in 2007
Miguel Alvarez-Fernandez SONIDO ABIERTO - Spain
Joe Banks Circuit Blasting CD England
Brown Sierra APHASIA Film Performance / with Live Soundtrack England
Brown Sierra AVEIMORE / LAKE WINDEMERE 1977 Film Performance / with Live Soundtrack England
Brown Sierra THE ARCHITECTURE OF PSYCHOLOGY Film Performance / with Live Soundtrack England
Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller The Killing Machine Multimedia Installation Canada
Kim Cascone The Astrum Argentum MP3 Download USA
Richard Chartier Retrieval_paths stereo digital sound Australia
Richard Chartier series_addendum Soundwork Australia
Peter Cusack Chernobyl Dawn Field Recording Russia
Dickson DEE Zbigniew Karkowski,Torturing Nurse,Dickson Dee-penetration- Album China
Paul DeMarinis Hypnica Sound Objects USA
Gunter Demnig stolpersteine Sculpture Germany
Halim El-Dabh Emerge Electroacoustic Trio USA
Brian Eno The Constellations (77 Million Paintings) Installation England
Hanna Hartman dich tholen Performance Germany
Hanna Hartman Composer in Residence Residency Sweden
Hanna Hartman Ailanthus CD Sweden
Steve Heimbecker The Turbulence Sound Matrix - Canada
James Hullick Cranky Robotics Kinetic Robotics Australia
James Hullick The Amplified Elephants Sound Installation Australia
Rolf Julius NOISELESS Sound Installation Japan
Peter Keifer voices of spirituality Acoustic Arts / Radio Work Germany
Pe Lang and Zimoun transducers on iron plates Sound Object /Installation Spain
Christian Marclay Crossfire Installation England
Bruce Mowson Melting Moments Audio-visual Installation Australia
Bruce Nauman Square Depression Sculptural Installation Germany
Max Neuhaus Time Piece Stommeln Soundwork Germany
Hayley Newman Luck be a Lady Performance England
Carsten Nicolai 334m/s Installation
Carsten Nicolai zone Sound Installation Germany
Carsten Nicolai invertone Installation Germany
Carsten Nicolai static balance Installation Germany
Jesper Norda Heart of the matter - Sweden
Jesper Norda Speed (Vanitas) - Sweden
Jesper Norda Field of love Outdoor Sound Installation Sweden
Camille Norment The Moss Project Permanent Interactive Light Installation Norway
Keith Townsend Obadike Big House / Disclosure music/public sound installation/performance USA
Andreas Oldorp die anderen / tønder version Sound sculpture Denmark
Andreas Oldorp the breakwaterorgan Sound Installation (propsal) Wales
Andreas Oldorp Die anderen / Flensburger Aggregat Sound Installation Germany
Pauline Oliveros 100 Meeting Places for all ensembles - USA
Pauline Oliveros Tintinnabulate multimedia ensemble USA
Fernando Ortega Piano Photograph Mexico
Daniel Ott RELIEF.SCHICHTEN.NACHTS Composition Switzerland
Susan Philipsz Carnival of the Animals Performance Germany
Minoru Sato Practice for locality and non-locality derived from diffraction of lights installation Japan
Minoru Sato - CD Japan
Janek Schaefer Vacant Space Installation England
Dodo Schielein Soundart teamwork Performance Germany
Dodo Schielein Solo for Guitar Amplifier Performance Germany
Dan Senn Many Pairs Sounding Installation USA
Erwin Stache 83,4 KILO OHM Sound sculpture Germany
Akio Suzuki Noiseless Group Show Japan
Akio Suzuki Noiseless Group Show Japan
J. Milo Taylor Astaroth Grimprovisation Duo England
J. Milo Taylor P-47 Misery Box Instrument / Sound Object Norway
J. Milo Taylor Fukdapolis Intermedia Greece
J. Milo Taylor Empire Hotel Radio Scan Soundwork Canada
J. Milo Taylor Hallow'een Performance Intermedia England
J. Milo Taylor The Prospero Assemblages Series of visual works Russia
J. Milo Taylor Delayed Departures Sound recordist England
J. Milo Taylor Unknown Devices Laptop Orchestra Improvising Orchestra England
Throbbing Gristle PART TWO - The Endless Not CD England
Toplap A prehistory of live coding CD Compilation England
Chris Watson Interview England
Trevor Wishart Memories of Madrid Installation Spain
Miki Yui steps Installation Germany
Miki Yui hitotoki Installation Italy
Pamela Z Sonic Gestures Installation USA