188 selected statement(s) appeared in 2006
Simo Alitalo Encounters/Kohtaamisia Sound Installation USA
Maryanne Amacher Gravity soundinstallation Germany
Sam Auinger tamtam Installation Germany
Sam Auinger Elevated Harmonies Installation USA
Nigel Ayers Nightscapes LP Italy
Ros Bandt Mungo Installation Australia
Ros Bandt Sonic Archaeologies CD Germany
Steve Barsotti Rarebit CD USA
Vicki Bennet Boots Live Performance England
Vicki Bennet Resemblage short film England
George Brecht George Brecht - Events Exhibition Spain
Justin Broadrick Final - Three Album England
Warren Burt 5 Unconventional Realizations for Ruark Lewis Video Australia
Kim Cascone Composing Emergent Sound Art using Simple Genetic Algorythmns Lecture USA
David Chesworth and Sonia Leber Proximities a public art project Australia
David Chesworth and Sonia Leber Reiterations (Elizabeth Street) Web Project / Soundwalk Australia
Joe Colley Twaalfde Mixer - 8 phased loops double 7 vinyl Netherlands
Joe Colley Triptych for Paranoia Calibration 3 cdr USA
David Cunningham A piano in a gallery Installation England
delire+pix fijuu 3D, audio/visual installation England
delire+pix q3apd 3D, audio/visual installation England
Paul DeMarinis Rome to Tripoli Sound Sculpture Latvia
Paul DeMarinis re-Titled Installation Germany
Tod Dockstader Shout Composition USA
Max Eastley Hydrophony For Dagon Album Greece
Halim El-Dabh Symphony for 1,000 drums - USA
Halim El-Dabh The Quest Composition USA
Georg Ulrich Eller Resonanzbehälter Sound sculpture Germany
Simon Elvins Notation Audible prints using pencil and ink England
Simon Elvins FM Radio Map Modified radio and interactive print England
Karlheinz Essl AIR BORNE generative sound environment Germany
Karlheinz Essl AIR BORNE generative sound environment Germany
Karlheinz Essl Deconstructing Mozart - Germany
Karlheinz Essl Von Hirschen und Röhren Installation Austria
Karlheinz Essl inside/out - Germany
Karlheinz Essl Panta Rhei generative sound environment Germany
Karlheinz Essl Leimung sound/video/performance Germany
Karlheinz Essl Berliner Luft generative sound environment Germany
Stephen Feld SUIKINKUTSU : A Japanese Underground Water Zither CD USA
FM3 Bhudda Machine Sounding Object China
FM3 Unknown Performance Performance
FM3 Unknown Performance Performance
Limpe Fuchs Symphonische Klangperformance Performance Germany
Bernhard Gal Reinstallation Intermedia Canada
Bernhard Gal Die Grüne Hölle Intermedia Austria
Bernhard Gal Airport Intermedia Germany
Bernhard Gal behape Composition Austria
Iris Garrelfs Specified Encounters CD England
Iris Garrelfs Performance Project with Alexander Selski - England
Iris Garrelfs springtide 5.1 piece England
Mathias Gmachl Elektrosmogfreien Installation Austria
Ken Gregory Synchro Wing Machines site specific machine installation/performance Canada
Ken Gregory Andy Warhol Machine kinetic machine Canada
Steve Heimbecker Paravent Installation Latvia
Nigel Helyer GeneMusik Research Australia
John Hudak Pieces of Winter Download USA
James Hullick Is there a Spirit in those Bones? Robotic Sound Installation Australia
Ryoji Ikeda data.spectra Installation Australia
Ryoji Ikeda dataphonics Radio Program Series France
Rolf Julius White-Yellow-Black CD Finland
Rolf Julius Bewegung, oder wie Klänge verschwinden (Movement, or how sounds disappear) Exhibition Germany
Zbigniew Karkowski Field Composition England
Thomas Koener IMAGINATION MORTE Performance USA
Christina Kubisch A History of Archives Installation Sweden
Christina Kubisch Magnetic Nets Netherlands
Christina Kubisch Sichtbare Stille Germany
Christina Kubisch Licht Himmel Germany
Christina Kubisch The Royal Tree Solar-controlled sound installation Germany
Hans Peter Kuhn Wirtualny most na Wi?le (Virtual Bridge at V Light- and soundinstallation Poland
Hans Peter Kuhn Labyrinth (meikyu 2) Light- and sound installation Germany
Ron Kuivila Rock’s Role - (after ryoanji); a garden of sound works Curation USA
Tilman Kuntzel The Football Soundwall Sculpture Germany
Tilman Kuntzel Maintenance Measures for the SoundUnit Fan and Soundwall Installation Germany
Brandon LaBelle Phantom Radio Go-Go Installation Germany
Brandon LaBelle duck duck goose Installation Germany
Brandon LaBelle CD=Text (psycho-acoustical speech) Audio Release USA
Brandon LaBelle Sound/Stage Installation England
Pe Lang and Zimoun electromagnets on iron slabs Sound Object France
Pe Lang and Zimoun 32 and 64 electro hub magnets on wood Sound Object Germany
Pe Lang and Zimoun 250 electro hub magnets on floor, walls and ceiling. Sound Object Switzerland
Pe Lang and Zimoun materials on vibrating glass plates Sound Object /Installation Switzerland
Bernhard Leitner Kaskade [project 2] Installation Germany
Thor Magnusson Slicer. version beta 0.1.1 Software Instrument Iceland
Miya Masaoka Ritual with Giant Hissing Madagascar Cockroaches - USA
Merzbow Metamorphism CD England
Merzbow Minazo Vol.2 LP USA
Merzbow Merzdub CD USA
Christof Migone Microfall - Canada
Christof Migone Microhole - Canada
Christof Migone Millefeuille - Canada
Christof Migone P - Canada
Christof Migone Surround (360 objects) - Canada
Christof Migone Agir video (no audio) Canada
Christof Migone Pastime - Canada
Christof Migone Disgust Display Series - The Fart Museum - Canada
Christof Migone Disgust Display Series - The Crack Museum - Canada
Christof Migone Disgust Display Series - The Piss Museum - Canada
Christof Migone Disgust Display Series - The Spit Museum - Canada
Paul D. Miller Rebirth of a Nation Audio-visual Performance England
Gordon Monahan Music for Gros Morne Project Installation Canada
Gordon Monahan Aeolian Chimney Site specific installation Canada
Gordon Monahan Piano Airlift Installation for midi piano and video projection Austria
Meredith Monk Impermanence Interdisciplinary Performance USA
Bruce Mowson Barney Audio-visual Installation Australia
Bruce Mowson Absorption Installation Australia
David Lee Myers multiplication of the arcs CD USA
David Lee Myers Newtons Rings CD USA
Bruce Nauman unknown work Exhibition Austria
Bruce Nauman unknown work Exhibition France
Bruce Nauman unknown work Exhibition USA
Bruce Nauman unknown work Exhibition USA
Bruce Nauman unknown work Exhibition USA
Carsten Nicolai Insen Album Germany
Carsten Nicolai fades Installation Germany
Carsten Nicolai polylit interactive installation
Jesper Norda Radio for beginners Radio Sweden
Jesper Norda PJ Harvey window Sound Installation Sweden
Camille Norment unknown Sound Installation Sweden
Keith Townsend Obadike The Armory Opera USA
Keith Townsend Obadike Internet Ikenga (in progress) gallery installation / internet USA
Andreas Oldorp ABSEITS Sound Installation Germany
Andreas Oldorp Große Bergstaße 173 Outdoor Sound Sculpture Germany
Andreas Oldorp ... wie die Orgelpfeifen Performance Workshops Germany
Andreas Oldorp DRÖÖNBÜDEL Outdoor Sound Sculpture Germany
Andreas Oldorp Zwischenlandung Outdoor Sound Sculpture Germany
Andreas Oldorp Your place or mine? Outdoor Sound Installation Germany
Baudouin Oosterlynck Ad Libitum Sound Performance / Object Exploration Belgium
Baudouin Oosterlynck Points de vue ? Points d'écoute ! Outdoor Installation Belgium
Ed Osborn Ground Creeper Variations - USA
Susan Philipsz unknown work Exhibition Germany
Susan Philipsz unknown work Exhibition Finland
Susan Philipsz unknown work Exhibition Germany
Andrea Polli Airlight Taipei Sonification Project Taiwan
Andrea Polli T2 Sonification Project New Zealand
Andrea Polli NYSoundmap -Sound-seeker Web Site USA
Maja Ratke No title tango and milonga - Norway
Nadine Robinson In Alles Grau in Grau Malen Sound Sculpture USA
Nadine Robinson Wormwood Sculpture USA
Steve Roden 4mins 33secs (Schindlers House) Soundwork USA
Steve Roden above the sand, flown and undone (levitation) Installation Sweden
Steve Roden finding words in notes (music for 6 hands) Installation Italy
Jodi Rose Green Bridge Brisbane Composition for Permanent Sound Installation Australia
Jodi Rose Global Bridge Symphony Sound Composition Australia
Scanner Passing Beneath the Surface Installation England
Scanner Night Haunts Installation England
Scanner Eagle Ward Installation England
Scanner Breakthrough - England
Scanner 52 Spaces 2002–2006 Sound/music performance with video projection Germany
Janek Schaefer Vijftiende Mixer - Location Stories double 7 Netherlands
Dan Senn The Odradek Complex Installation Czech Republic
Dan Senn Uncovered States Installation Poland
Dan Senn Surface to Air New music, video and sound sculpture Poland
Sonic Youth Mix Tape: The Art of Cassette Culture Book USA
Erwin Stache WASCHMASCHINENSCHEIBEN-ORCHESTER Installation / Sound sculpture Germany
J. Milo Taylor George and the Girl Downstaris Puppet Performance / Immersive Environment England
J. Milo Taylor Material Investigation #7 Soundwork Germany
J. Milo Taylor Bit-totem Contemporary Improvising Trio England
J. Milo Taylor Institute of Serendipitous Sonoptics Cinematic Improvisation England
J. Milo Taylor The Universe in a Hankerchief Soundwork England
J. Milo Taylor Non_Ferrous Prostitution Audio-video circuit-bent puppetry performance England
J. Milo Taylor 60x4 Random Play | Ver I, II and III 4-channel indeterminate live soundwork England
Terre Thaemlitz Hush Now (DJ_Sprinkles_Broken_Record_Mix) Soundwork USA
Throbbing Gristle What a Day Soundwork England
Throbbing Gristle UNTITLED 3 3 CD England
Throbbing Gristle IN THE SHADOW OF THE SUN Performance England
Toplap Lusco-Fusco : Paul Dirac Party Performance England
Toplap Resonance Fm, London studio discussion England
Toplap Untitled Performance England
Trimpin Der Ring Sculpture / Instrument Germany
Keiko Uenishi Suds Dreams audio-visual performative piece Switzerland
Keiko Uenishi moire - Switzerland
Keiko Uenishi Jai un secret merveilleux: Midas Installation Belgium
Ultra-Red Encuentro SoundWork USA
Ultra-Red Plaza Mariachi SoundWork Mexico
Ultra-Red A Silence Broken SoundWork USA
Maia Urstad Radiokonsert (Radio Concert) Performance Sweden
Maia Urstad sound barrier - Canada
Chris Watson Alcedo Volcano Soundwork England
Chris Watson Siren CD England
Chris Watson Storm - England
Chris Watson Storm CD England
Achim Wollscheid Inlet / outlet Installation Germany
John Wynne 230 Unwanted Speakers Sound installation England
John Wynne Sound CAD Sound installation England
Miki Yui Still Life under your feet Installation Germany
Miki Yui atem / innerest Installation Germany
Z'EV Viva Negativa! - A Tribute To The New Blockaders Vol.1 CD Compilation Germany
Z'EV Atlantic Waves 2006 CD Compilation England