233 selected statement(s) appeared in 2004
Miguel Alvarez-Fernandez ITINERARIOS DEL SONIDO Curated Project Spain
Bjorn Askefoss Circle Symphonique Happening England
Mark Bain The Omnisound Generator pneumatic sound engine USA
Mark Bain SelfSensor: Performance / Installation Latvia
Mark Bain Feed Carnivore Installation Netherlands
Mark Bain 9/11 Seismic Project CD Netherlands
Vicki Bennet Chistmas Performance England
Vicki Bennet WFMU Performance USA
Justin Bennett Beirut Story Sound works for installation and 10 vinyl EP Spain
Justin Bennett Berlaymont Dreaming Video and sound installation Belgium
Justin Bennett Haunted House Sound installation/Performance Netherlands
George Brecht George Brecht - Works from 1959 - 1973 Exhibition England
Brown Sierra window recorder - England
Brown Sierra About Clouds Video England
Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller Feedback, Interactive Sound Installation Canada
Patrice Carre Pop steam Sound Performance / Sculpture Italy
Kim Cascone the crystalline address CD Belgium
David Chesworth and Sonia Leber The Gordon Assumption Installation Australia
Joe Colley 6 Feedback Channels One-sided 7 Vinyl USA
Joe Colley project for an lp; or one method of (nearly) avoiding the composer Installation
David Cunningham Interior Installation Japan
Philip Dadson Polar Projects - Antarctica
Philip Dadson Aerial-Farm - Antarctica
Philip Dadson StoneMap and Rockrecords video/sound installation Antarctica
Philip Dadson Flutter video/sound Antarctica
Philip Dadson Chthonian Pulse - Antarctica
Philip Dadson Stone, Water, Air, Ice Sound piece Antarctica
Philip Dadson Sound Tracks Solo CD release New Zealand
Paul DeMarinis A Light Rain Outdoor Installation China
Paul DeMarinis Firebirds Sound Sculpture Croatia
Paul DeMarinis Tongues of Fire USA
Tod Dockstader Pond Tape Composition USA
Max Eastley Doll Creature Album England
Halim El-Dabh Aapep and Ra Composition USA
EMMAX LedgeFest Laptop Performance Canada
Karlheinz Essl tides electronic soundtrack for an experimental dance video Austria
Karlheinz Essl action rituelle live-performance for computer, electronics and sound projection Austria
Karlheinz Essl SEELEWASCHEN generative sound scape Germany
Karlheinz Essl ULURU generative sound scape Germany
Karlheinz Essl dance:storm electronic soundtrack for an experimental dance video Austria
Karlheinz Essl Father Earth computer music performance Austria
Karlheinz Essl blurB electronic music Germany
Karlheinz Essl FontanaMixer generative sound environment after Fontana Mix (1958) by John Cage Austria
Stephen Feld The Time of Bells Vol 1 CD USA
Stephen Feld The Time of Bells Vol 2 CD USA
FM3 Unknown Performance Performance
FM3 Unknown Performance Performance
FM3 Unknown Performance Performance
FM3 Unknown Performance Performance Netherlands
Bill Fontana Primal Soundings Composition England
Nigel Frayne Tropical Islands Resort Installation/commissioning of soundscapes Germany
Nigel Frayne Taronga Zoo Sound Design consultancy Australia
William Furlong Passage of Time Installation Italy
Bernhard Gal Night Pulses Intermedia Austria
Bernhard Gal Klangschatten - Austria
Bernhard Gal UTOO Composition Austria
Bernhard Gal (Talking) Space to Space radio art England
Bernhard Gal Qui Le Bruit quadraphonic live performance England
Bernhard Gal Spoor Installtion England
Bernhard Gal Stimung Soundtrack Croatia
Bernhard Gal Traces Performance Slovenia
Bernhard Gal belit Site-specific composition Austria
Bernhard Gal soundbagism Intermedia Installation USA
Iris Garrelfs Spoor 6-channel audio and photographic trail Netherlands
Iris Garrelfs (Talking) Space to Space radio project England
Iris Garrelfs Of Dual Nature audio-visual DVD England
Mathias Gmachl Parallel Soundwork Austria
Ken Gregory Gregorys Sun Sucker Outdoor Installation Canada
Hanna Hartman aufs glatteis performance Germany
Hanna Hartman Longitude 013°26E Radio Work Sweden
Matt Heckert Activating the Medium Performance / Sculpture / Installation USA
Steve Heimbecker Windwaterwall Installation Canada
Steve Heimbecker Songs of Place: Springwater - Canada
Steve Heimbecker Song of Place: Vancouver - Austria
John Hudak Room with sky CD USA
Ryoji Ikeda data.spectra [prototype] Installation Japan
Zoe Irving Magnetic Migration Music - Inaudible City collaboration England
Peter Keifer Traverse Frequenz Sound Installation Germany
Peter Keifer Klangraum-Raumklang 2004 Curator / Festival Germany
Christina Kubisch On Air Italy
Christina Kubisch Zwölf Signale Germany
Christina Kubisch Kabel und Verbindungen Germany
Christina Kubisch Versprochene Paradiese Germany
Christina Kubisch Zeitversetzt Germany
Gabriel Kuri Clouds Installation Mexico
Brandon LaBelle Stairway to Heaven Performance Denmark
Brandon LaBelle concert Audio Release USA
Brandon LaBelle Concert Video Germany
Brandon LaBelle Backstage Installation Germany
Brandon LaBelle Hearing Things Video Denmark
Cathy Lane Hidden Voices dance piece England
Cathy Lane Mic/Line Interactive sound installation India
Bernhard Leitner Serpentinata Installation Germany
Francisco Lopez unknown Peru
Francisco Lopez unknown Canada
Francisco Lopez unknown USA
Francisco Lopez unknown Germany
Francisco Lopez unknown Romania
Francisco Lopez unknown Belgium
Francisco Lopez unknown Italy
Francisco Lopez unknown Spain
Francisco Lopez unknown Germany
Francisco Lopez unknown Brazil
Thor Magnusson GrainBox Software Instrument Iceland
Thor Magnusson SpinOSC Software Instrument Iceland
Thor Magnusson Shell. version alpha 0.1 Software Instrument Iceland
Thor Magnusson MicWorld. version beta 0.5.1 Software Instrument Multiple international sites
Thor Magnusson Crystals . version beta 0.5.2 Software Instrument Multiple international sites
Miya Masaoka Thinking Sounds interactive composition USA
Kaffe Matthews Veertiende Mixer - Dissectio/ Environmental Cleaning Moments Split LP Netherlands
Patrick McGinley wind and sand, portugal, 07.2004 Unreleased Soundwork England
Patrick McGinley elements - England
Patrick McGinley they were dreaming they were stones - England
Merzbow Catch 22 Soundwork USA
Merzbow Merzbow Vs Nordvargr | Partikel CD England
Merzbow Rondo 7phases Blowback CD Belgium
Abinadi Meza Dark Ice Sound Work Germany
Abinadi Meza Paleswan Sound Work Germany
Christof Migone Escape Songs CD Canada
Christof Migone Fingering performance Canada
Paul D. Miller Rhythm Science Album England
Gordon Monahan Music for Grasslands Dance performance by Coleman-Lemieux Dance Company Canada
Meredith Monk Archeology of an Artist 2 Installation USA
Bruce Mowson Pink Balls Site-specific Installation Australia
Bruce Nauman Raw Materials Installation England
Negativland The Mashin of the Christ Filmic Mashup USA
Max Neuhaus Auracle Network Sound Instrument Online
Carsten Nicolai anti Sculpture Germany
Carsten Nicolai reflex aluminum frames, polyester, piezo high-tone speakers, max/msp program, firewire soundcard Germany
Carsten Nicolai spray Installation Germany
Carsten Nicolai syn chron Intergrative Sculpture Germany
Jesper Norda Magnolia clock Video Sweden
Jesper Norda Spironanodietoms Video Sweden
Camille Norment Resonances and Repercussions - The Medium of Sound Workshop Sweden
Andreas Oldorp im leeren raum Sound Installation Switzerland
Andreas Oldorp dawn blossoms ... Sound / Light Installation Germany
Ed Osborn Sidewinder Installation Germany
Ed Osborn Harvester Installation Finland
Ed Osborn Transit Video Work Germany
Ed Osborn Skimmer Video Work USA
John Oswald Metropolis Soundtrack
John Oswald Balsteroid Convection - Canada
Nobert Walter Peters mériterechkîma radiophonic theatre- and space project Germany
Susan Philipsz Returning Silent Film
Andrea Polli Heat and the Heartbeat of the City: Website USA
Andrea Polli Datareader MAX/MSP tool Multiple international sites
Steve Roden unknown performance USA
Steve Roden Nest commissioned site specific sound installation USA
Steve Roden unknown installation from residency USA
Steve Roden unknown Germany
Steve Roden unknown performance USA
Steve Roden sounding architecture Installation England
Steve Roden ear(th) Installation USA
Steve Roden stills (for guru dutt) Installation USA
Steve Roden fulgurites Installation USA
Steve Roden airforms Installation USA
Jon Rose Pursuit Outdoor Perofmance Australia
Jodi Rose Heureka Silta Bridge Recording Finland
Jon Rose The Ball Interactive Ball Games Australia
Ish S Nor Noise DVD and CD Compilation Norway
Ish S Haunted Weather CD Compilation Japan
Ish S Intonarumori Orchestra CD Japan
Minoru Sato observation of thermal states through a stationary wave site-specific installation Japan
Scanner A Natural Romance 8:1 Sound installation USA
Scanner Interiors Installation Denmark
Scanner Ricochet : Seeing in the Dark 5:1 Sound installation USA
Scanner DIVA Installation Austria
Scanner Belsay Hall Study and Telephone Room England
Scanner A Golden Age Installation England
Janek Schaefer Weather Report Installation USA
Dodo Schielein Musik in Deutschland 1950 – 2000 Featured on CD Compilation Germany
Joan Grounds and Sherre de Lys Gargalesis Outdoor Sound Installation Australia
Dallas Simpson Bottle Disposal Soundwork England
Dallas Simpson Pipechant environmental sound work England
Denis Smalley Resounding multi-channel works Ireland
Denis Smalley Interior Impacts CD England
Sonic Youth Lee Ranado and Christian Marclay Performance USA
Erwin Stache SCHERENGITTERORCHESTER UND FREUNDE Installation / Sound sculpture Germany
Stephen Stapleton Angry Electric Finger (SpitchCock One) Album England
Stephen Stapleton Angry Eelectric Finger Part Three: Mute Bell Extinction Process Album England
Karlheinz Stockhausen KLANG Electronic Composition Germany
J. Milo Taylor KVO Sound Installation / Performance Germany
J. Milo Taylor Requiem Short film England
Throbbing Gristle ASTORIA Performance England
Throbbing Gristle CAMBER SANDS Performance England
David Toop Haunted Weather: Music, Silence and Memory Double Album England
David Toop Breath-Taking Album England
David Toop Doll Creature Album England
Toplap JITLIB based live coding Performance Germany
Toplap Live perl coding and drumming duet with Table Performance England
Toplap TOPLAP live coding jam of audio and visuals Performance Denmark
Toplap A Context-sensitive On-the-fly Audio Programm Performance England
Barry Truax Prospero's Voyage Acousmatic Composition Canada
Barry Truax The Shaman Ascending Composition Canada
Toshiya Tsunoda Scenery of Decacomania CD Australia
Keiko Uenishi Two Novels: Gaze/In the Cochlea CD Portugal
Ultra-Red BLOK70:Translations SoundWork Serbia
Ultra-Red The Debt SoundWork Ireland
Ultra-Red BLOK70:Translations SoundWork Serbia
Ultra-Red Articles of Incorporation SoundWork USA
Ultra-Red BLOK70 SoundWork Serbia
Carl Micheal von Hausswolff Three Overpopulated Cities Built By Shortsighted Planners, CD Belgium
James Webb The Most Romantic of Names Sound Installation South Africa
James Webb A Decade of Democracy Exhibition South Africa
James Webb Phonosynthesizer 100603 - South Africa
James Webb Music for Mooi Mark - South Africa
James Webb Found Sound Space 01 - South Africa
James Webb Antigone Sound for Theatre South Africa
James Webb There are far too few Friday nights left in the world DVD-based Sound installation South Africa
James Webb Love Thyself Sculpture South Africa
Gregory Whitehead As We Know Radio Work
Gregory Whitehead Fun things to do with Silly Words Soundwork USA
Gregory Whitehead Little Tina Radio Work
Gregory Whitehead Danse Macabre Radio Work France
Gregory Whitehead Project Jericho Radio Work England
Trevor Wishart Globalalia Electro-acoustic Composition Germany
Achim Wollscheid redlighthaze Installation Germany
Achim Wollscheid intersite Installation Germany
Achim Wollscheid missing recipient Installation Germany
Achim Wollscheid flexible response Installation Germany
John Wynne Fallender ton für 207 lautsprecher boxen Sound installation England
Otomo Yoshihide Haunted Weather CD Compilation Japan
Otomo Yoshihide Nor Noise DVD and CD Compilation Norway
Otomo Yoshihide Intonarumori Orchestra CD Japan
Miki Yui atokata Installation Germany
Miki Yui view over the pond Installation Germany
Miki Yui traccia Multimedia installation Italy
Pamela Z A Delay is Better CD USA
Pamela Z Syrinx Installation USA
Z'EV Headphones Musics, 1 to 6 CD England
Z'EV N.A.M.E. Gallery, Chicago, Illinois 03.01.86 Vinyl, 10 USA
Z'EV Tinnitus Vu CD, Maxi-Single England
Z'EV Tocsin -6 Thru +2 CD Germany