234 selected statement(s) appeared in 2003
Simo Alitalo Viileaa /Sounds Cool Sound Installation Finland
Miguel Alvarez-Fernandez UN CÍRCULO DE MÚSICA Concert Series Spain
Ros Bandt Water Medicine Installation Australia
Ros Bandt Silo Stories Installation Australia
Ros Bandt Das Weiss Gold Radiophonic Australia
Ros Bandt The Memory Grid Stack Video, Installation Australia
Ros Bandt Via Galah, Silos Stories from Merrinee to Ja Radiophonic Australia
Ros Bandt The Listening Place Sound Sculpture Australia
Ros Bandt Women in Sound, 360 Degrees, Installation Australia
Steve Barsotti Say tin-tah-pee-mick CD USA
Steve Barsotti Box16 Soundwork USA
Steve Barsotti Trainyard presence Soundwork USA
Steve Barsotti Noise reduction on Back Porch CD USA
Vicki Bennet The Remote Controller - England
Justin Bennett Dertiende Mixer - Cleavage of acoustics/ Cacerolada Split LP Netherlands
Justin Bennett Noise Map Book and CD Germany
Justin Bennett Ovipool - Italy
Justin Bennett Synesthesia Images produced by visualisation of sonic processes. Netherlands
John Bischoff Eternal Network Music - Aperture Online Project USA
John Bischoff Interlude 1.5 Soundwork USA
John Bischoff Local Color Live computer music USA
John Bischoff Aperture CD USA
Justin Broadrick Jesu Band Project England
Brown Sierra Taliband Tapes Video England
Jonah Brucker-Cohen PoliceState Installation Canada
Jonah Brucker-Cohen !Alerting Infrastructure! Installation England
Jonah Brucker-Cohen BumpList Installation USA
Jonah Brucker-Cohen The Scrapyard Challenge Workshops Workshops USA
Warren Burt Pythagoras Babylonian Bathtub Live Recording Australia
Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller The Berlin Files Installation Germany
Kim Cascone Rnd_Ram CD track on Compilation Turkey
Kim Cascone Rnd_Ram CD track on Compilation Turkey
David Chesworth and Sonia Leber The Persuaders 7 channel video installation Australia
Beth Coleman Information Portrait Project media performance and web-based work USA
Beth Coleman unknown unknown USA
Joe Colley Desperate Attempts At Beauty CD USA
David Cunningham The Listening Room Installation England
David Cunningham The Listening Room Installation England
David Cunningham Listening to the Architecture Installation England
David Cunningham A position between two curves Installation England
David Cunningham A position between two curves Installation England
David Cunningham A position between two curves Installation England
David Cunningham Lift Corridor Installation England
David Cunningham The Listening Room and Stairwell (untitled) Installation Japan
David Cunningham The Listening Room and Stairwell (untitled) Installation Japan
David Cunningham Where a straight line meets a curve Installation England
Philip Dadson Echo Logo sound echo performance Antarctica
Philip Dadson Vocal Acrobats a free improv collaboration New Zealand
Paul DeMarinis (Tommy Franks) Dérive Quebec Kinetic object and video projection. Canada
Paul DeMarinis Rebus Public Sound Installation USA
Paul DeMarinis Wavescape Interactive Sound Installation USA
Max Eastley INTERIOR LANDSCAPE kinetic sound drawing England
Max Eastley The Ship sound sculpture installation England
Max Eastley Untitled live show Performance Germany
Max Eastley Arctic dreams Ecological Work Norway
Max Eastley pangeia instrumentos Performance England
Simon Elvins Sound Book Book with integrated speaker and stitched wire England
EMMAX Caroling With Emmax Laptop Performance Canada
Brian Eno Ambient Savage Soundwork England
Brian Eno castro haze Soundwork England
Brian Eno groan wash Soundwork England
Karlheinz Essl carl mayer, scenar(t)ist - berlin electronic sound track Austria
Karlheinz Essl Le mystère d'orgue generative sound installation Germany
Jem Finer Jem Finer, GTR CD England
Jem Finer Slow Boat to China Composition England
Jem Finer Dimestone Acoustic Meets the Super Computer Composition England
Jem Finer 4K 161 Composition England
Jem Finer Animal Composition England
Jem Finer Between Planets Composition England
Jem Finer Tunnel Bird Composition England
Jem Finer Fiasco Composition England
Jem Finer Particle Guitar Composition England
Jem Finer A Guitar Slowly Eating Itself Composition England
Jem Finer Snoop Composition England
Terry Fox Works With Sound/Arbeiten Mit Klang Book Germany
Limpe Fuchs Figur Natur Klang im Kunstraum Klosterkirche Traunstein DVD Germany
Bernhard Gal RGBuSW Intermedia Germany
Bernhard Gal Klangbojen Site-specific intermedia installation Austria
Iris Garrelfs Dumplinks audio-visual interactive installation England
Iris Garrelfs Traces audio visual performance and DVD project Slovenia
Iris Garrelfs Just Desserts action research project England
Iris Garrelfs Empties soundtrack for a video England
Les Gilbert Love Is A Wonderful Thing Installation Australia
Mathias Gmachl Farmers Manual, RLA (recent live archive) DVD Austria
Gilles Gobeil Contract Acousmatic Work Canada
Ken Gregory Rock n Roll pt. 1 Sound Object Canada
Hanna Hartman Black Boxes Sound Installation Sweden
Hanna Hartman Hanna Hartmann CD Sweden
Matt Heckert Centripetal Sound Installation USA
Steve Heimbecker Wind Array Cascade Machine Installation Canada
Steve Heimbecker Wind Array Cascade Machine and Pod - Canada
Gary Hill Impression d'Afrique Mixed Media Installation France
Joyce Hinterding House 2 - The Great Artesian Basin Pennsylvan Installation Australia
Joyce Hinterding Spectral CD Australia
John Hudak Rabbit2 Soundwork USA
John Hudak Old Moon 2 x 3 CD USA
Ryoji Ikeda matrix [for an anechoic room] Installation Netherlands
Zoe Irving Magnetic Migration Music - East London - England
Philip Jeck Ode to Joy Performance England
Philip Jeck Untitled Performance Performance Denmark
Philip Jeck Turning Performance Scotland
Zbigniew Karkowski Waves and Radiation Soundwork Poland
Peter Keifer Das Fünfte Element Video Installation Germany
Christina Kubisch Blue Hour Sweden
Christina Kubisch Partituren aus 30 Jahren Germany
Christina Kubisch White Landscape Denmark
Christina Kubisch Minnen Sweden
Hans Peter Kuhn Echtzeit 24 Soundsculpture Germany
Brandon LaBelle Music and its double Performance USA
Brandon LaBelle Learning from Seedbed Installation USA
Brandon LaBelle Event and its Double Installation Denmark
Brandon LaBelle Transportation and Recycling (proposal to the mayor) Installation Brazil
Brandon LaBelle Over/Hear Performance Italy
Brandon LaBelle I am sitting in a chair Performance USA
Brandon LaBelle Phantom Radio Web Project USA
Brandon LaBelle Active Ingredient picnic performance England
Cathy Lane White performance installation Germany
Cathy Lane Hidden Lives multi channel site specific sound installation England
Bernhard Leitner Headscapes CD
Rainer Linz New Listener Listener Software Project Australia
Thor Magnusson polyMachine Software Instrument Iceland
Thor Magnusson Picker. version beta 0.8 Software Instrument Iceland
Thor Magnusson Connector. version beta 0.6 Software Instrument Iceland
Kaffe Matthews Out with the Cold Soundwork England
Benoit Maubrey PEEPER Audio Ballet Germany
Benoit Maubrey VIDEO PEACOCK - Germany
Benoit Maubrey YAMAHA Audio Ballet Germany
Benoit Maubrey AUDIO PEACOCKS - Germany
Patrick McGinley Buzzing Intercom, Gospel Oak Field Recording England
Patrick McGinley untitled (william english) Unreleased Soundwork England
Patrick McGinley binaural haircut, london, 10.2003 Unreleased Soundwork England
Patrick McGinley oracle extended (excerpt) - England
Merzbow Live At CBGBs NYC 1998 CD Germany
Merzbow Ikebana: Merzbows Amlux Rebuilt, Reused And Recycled CD USA
Abinadi Meza Unter der Stadt mit Vogeln Sound Work Azerbaijan
Abinadi Meza Clara Sound Work Azerbaijan
Christof Migone Cover without a Record Artwork Canada
Christof Migone << I >> - Canada
Christof Migone MC Installation / Performance Canada
Gordon Monahan When It Rains interactive sound installation Canada
Gordon Monahan New and Used Furniture Music Performance/installation Canada
Iain Mott Summoned Voices Installation Netherlands
Max Neuhaus Time Piece Graz Soundwork Austria
Carsten Nicolai funken (installation) Installation Germany
Carsten Nicolai Modular Re.Strukt Italy
Carsten Nicolai sonic lumiere Ongoing Research Project Germany
Jesper Norda Heaven Video Montage Sweden
Camille Norment Kansas Soundwork USA
Camille Norment Wayward sound object USA
Camille Norment On the Body - Function, Fetish, Fashion and the Personal Identity Network Workshop Italy
Keith Townsend Obadike Twilight: Los Angeles 1992 Theatre USA
Keith Townsend Obadike The Pink of Stealth Internet/ DVD surround sound work USA
Bruce Odland Tonic Outdoor Installation USA
Andreas Oldorp de profundis Sound Installation Germany
Andreas Oldorp cocoon Sound Installation Denmark
Baudouin Oosterlynck Etant donnés Exploration of Sounding Objects Belgium
Ed Osborn Particle Moves Installation Australia
Ed Osborn Feldstimmen Installation Spain
Bob Ostertag Living Cinema Presents Between Science and Garbage. DVD USA
John Oswald Hustler White Film Soundtrack Canada
Andrea Polli Intuitive Ocusonics: Eye Tracking Musical Instrument Interfaces USA
Maja Ratke Soloilios 1 - Norway
Maja Ratke Soloilios 2 - Norway
Maja Ratke Louange II - Norway
Nadine Robinson White We Sound Sculpture USA
Nadine Robinson Infrastructure Four: Restaurants Sound Sculpture USA
Nadine Robinson Das Hochzeitshaus (The Wedding House) Sound Sculpture USA
Steve Roden Speak No More About the Leaves Download USA
Steve Roden The Figure Five residency USA
Steve Roden unknown performance USA
Steve Roden unknown performance/talk USA
Steve Roden unknown radio festival USA
Steve Roden A House in Waterproof Paper performance USA
Steve Roden unknown installation USA
Steve Roden unknown artist in residence and performance France
Steve Roden unknown film screening and performance Scotland
Scanner A minor restrospective of works Installation Hungary
Scanner N’oublie pas ce que tu Devines Contemporary Dance Soundtrack France
Scanner Je Veux Artists Publication England
Scanner Street Symphony Installation Vietnam
Scanner Warhols Surfaces CD and performances England
Scanner Echo Ricochet Installation Australia
Scanner In the Time of Distance Theatre performance Australia
Scanner Qualia Ballet England
Janek Schaefer Pulse Field Exhibition USA
Janek Schaefer Tri-Phonic Interactive Installation Portugal
Janek Schaefer Love Song Installation Netherlands
Janek Schaefer untitled Concert England
Janek Schaefer untitled Concert England
Janek Schaefer untitled Concert Japan
Dan Senn Waves of Grain Installation Germany
Sonic Youth kim gordons art show Exhibition USA
Sonic Youth Kim Gordon Solo Exhibiton exhibition England
Sonic Youth Kim Gordon Exhibiton exhibition Sweden
Sonic Youth Club In The Shadow Installation USA
Sonic Youth Rodney Graham by Kim Gordon Web Article USA
Erwin Stache 24,9 KILO OHM Sound sculpture Germany
Stephen Stapleton She And Me Fall Together In Free Death Album England
J. Milo Taylor Junk Music Video / installation Documentation Germany
J. Milo Taylor Dadafest Site-specific performance Switzerland
David Toop Black Chamber Album England
David Toop Hot Pants Idol Album England
Toplap Live coding duet (SuperCollider 2) Performance England
Toplap Concurrent, On-the-fly Programming Language Performance USA
Toplap ChucK double projection duet, Performance USA
Toplap supporting donna summer Performance England
Toplap live at Performance Austria
Trimpin Dip Tip Dip Sculpture / Instrument USA
Trimpin Hydraulis Sculpture / Instrument USA
Trimpin Klavier Nonette Sculpture / Instrument USA
Toshiya Tsunoda Dertiende Mixer - Cleavage of acoustics/ Cacerolada Split LP Netherlands
Keiko Uenishi during the brief twilight Soundwork USA
Carl Micheal von Hausswolff RAYS OF BEAUTY CD Belgium
Chris Watson The School of Sound Lecture / Workshop England
Chris Watson Weather Report CD England
James Webb Piglet Soundwork South Africa
James Webb Wa performance South Africa
James Webb YDEsire Curated Exhibition South Africa
James Webb Space Repurposed Exhibition South Africa
James Webb Chamber Music sound installation South Africa
Hildegard Westerkamp At the Edge of Wilderness Sound-slide installation Australia
Gregory Whitehead On One Lost Hair Radio Work England
Gregory Whitehead Resurrection Ranch Radio Work England
Gregory Whitehead The Loneliest Road Radio Work England
Achim Wollscheid light curtain Installation Germany
Achim Wollscheid interflux Installation Germany
Achim Wollscheid interflow Installation Germany
Ai Yamamoto Leaf Video and Sound Composition Australia
Ai Yamamoto Fish Swimming Video and Sound Composition Australia
Sato Yukie Bulgasari Concert Series South Korea
Pamela Z Voci (Voices) Large-scale Performance USA
Z'EV SO SAY THE DEAD Music for Theatre France
Z'EV Spire - Organ Works Past, Present and Future CD Compilation England