209 selected statement(s) appeared in 2000
Simo Alitalo Coffeepercolator 2000 Experimental Theatre Finland
Maryanne Amacher day trip maryanne FIlm USA
Nigel Ayers Imaginary Time 10 EP England
Ros Bandt Serendipity, Installation Australia
Joe Banks National Grid No 5608 Performances / Exhibitions England
Joe Banks National Grid Performance England
Justin Bennett Exhibition at Box23 Lab de Arte - Spain
Justin Bennett Rumours text/sound project France
Justin Bennett SITE (wasteland) Soundwork Germany
Justin Bennett SITE - Germany
John Bischoff Graviton Live computer music USA
Andres Bosshard mooneye vision ruhr Project Germany
Andres Bosshard wasserspuren - Germany
Andres Bosshard M.Y.E: (mooneye) Interactive sound Architecrture Germany
George Brecht George Brecht - 40 Werke der letzten 15 Jahre Exhibition Germany
Jonah Brucker-Cohen IPO Madness Installation USA
Don Buchla Marimba Lumina 3.5 Electronic musical instrument USA
Warren Burt Shaman- In Memoriam Terrance McKenna Sound Installation Australia
Paul Carter Tracks Public Sound Installation Australia
Kim Cascone The Aesthetics of Failure Article USA
Kim Cascone Delete 3 CD/MP3 Online
Kim Cascone with hidden noise Album England
Richard Chartier series (3 excerpts) Soundwork USA
David Chesworth and Sonia Leber 5000 Calls large-scale multi-channel sound installation Australia
Beth Coleman unknown unknown USA
Beth Coleman unknown unknown USA
David Cunningham This is a Sentence CD-ROM England
Peter Cusack Day For Night CD England
Peter Cusack Where is the Green Parrot CD England
Philip Dadson Conference of Drums Sound/percussion sculpture New Zealand
Philip Dadson Spidanebula Percussion/sound sculpture New Zealand
Tacita Dean Jukebox 1 - Germany
Paul DeMarinis The Products of Our Industry Text Piece USA
Paul DeMarinis Four Foxhole Radios Sound Sculpture USA
David Dunn Pleroma 3 USA
David Dunn Music, Language and Environment Folio of Scores, Essays and CD USA
Max Eastley - Exhibition England
Max Eastley Untitled live show Performance Germany
Max Eastley Domain of Presences Soundwork England
Max Eastley In Concert - England
Halim El-Dabh Surr-Rah: The Belly Amidst the Satellites Composition USA
Halim El-Dabh Surr-Rah: It is What it is Composition USA
Brian Eno Kites III Soundwork England
Karlheinz Essl fLOWER - Austria
Karlheinz Essl onwards three instruments and electronics Austria
Karlheinz Essl The Untempered Piano interactive sound installation / meta instrument Austria
Walter Fahndrich Musica per il Sacro Monte Installation Switzerland
Jem Finer Longplayer Installation England
Limpe Fuchs Schatten tanzen im Klang – Mobile Sound Performance Germany
Bernhard Gal Dissociated Voices Sound installation, Austria
Bernhard Gal Defragmentation/white Intermedia / Audio-architectural installation Japan
Bernhard Gal Defragmentation/red Site-specific installation Germany
Bernhard Gal Of Sound and Time Composition / Installation Germany
Ken Gregory acceleration + position = Dream Divination by Oscillation live electronic audio performance Canada
Hanna Hartman Cikoria Soundwork Germany
Hanna Hartman Die Mysterien finden im Hauptbahnhof statt Soundwork Germany
Gary Hill Wall Piece Single-channel video/sound installation Italy
Joyce Hinterding The Levitation Grounds Installation Australia
John Hudak My Eye, My Son’s Eye CD USA
Ryoji Ikeda Matrix Album USA
Ryoji Ikeda matrix [for acoustic dislocation] Installation England
Philip Jeck Off the Record Installation / Performance England
Philip Jeck Vinyl Coda IV Installation / Performance Germany
Philip Jeck Duet Installation / Performance Austria
Rolf Julius Black (Red) Sound Installation USA
Zbigniew Karkowski World as Will CD Netherlands
Zbigniew Karkowski SPL with MAZK CD England
Christina Kubisch Der Glocken Schlag Germany
Christina Kubisch Zwölf Säulen und zwölf Klänge Germany
Christina Kubisch Klang Raum Licht Zeit Germany
Christina Kubisch Kompositum Germany
Christina Kubisch echt - falsch Germany
Christina Kubisch Klang Raum Licht Zeit Germany
Brandon LaBelle Speaking in Tongues Installation USA
Brandon LaBelle the opening of the field Audio Release USA
Brandon LaBelle Disseminating Performance Space Installation USA
Brandon LaBelle Multitude-Solitude Composition Austria
Dan Lander Virtual Reality: The First Swim - Canada
Bernhard Leitner Streamings Installation Austria
Christian Marclay Guitar Drag - England
Christian Marclay Christian Marclay: Cinema Exhibition Canada
Christian Marclay Blind Television Installation Canada
Christian Marclay Up and Out Installation Canada
Miya Masaoka What is the Sound of 10 Naked Asian Men? Performance USA
Benoit Maubrey AUDIO HANBOK - South Korea
Merzbow Masami Akita and Zbigniew Karkowski (MAZK) - Live CD China
Merzbow Masami Akita and Zbigniew Karkowski - Mazk CD USA
Merzbow Merzbox 50 CD BoxSet Australia
Christof Migone des tournages Duo Canada
Christof Migone Joints for Novarina Audio work for theatre Canada
Christof Migone Quieting CD Canada
Paul D. Miller Walter Ruttman Weekend Remix Musical Remix Germany
Paul D. Miller wknd 58 Remix Musical Remix Germany
Gordon Monahan Silicon Lagoon Installation Germany
David Lee Myers Pond CD Album England
David Lee Myers Pond CD Album England
Hayley Newman Pointy Stunt CD England
Carsten Nicolai Major Group Show USA
Carsten Nicolai Telefunken
Carsten Nicolai atem Sound Installation England
Carsten Nicolai frozen water Installation Germany
Carsten Nicolai polar interactive multimedia installation
Jesper Norda Dividing screen Sound Installation Finland
Katherine Norman [b]-contained Composition Ireland
Camille Norment Dead Room architectural sound installation USA
Keith Townsend Obadike sexmachines (for nam june paik and james brown) - USA
Keith Townsend Obadike Automatic Installation USA
Keith Townsend Obadike untitled (the interesting narrative) a slide/audio installation USA
Andreas Oldorp Air Sound Installation Canada
Andreas Oldorp Masnedo Fortet Sound Installation Denmark
Andreas Oldorp Wittener Aggregat Sound Installation Germany
Andreas Oldorp Le Nénuphar Sound Installation Canada
Andreas Oldorp Anonymus Outdoor Sound Installation Sweden
Pauline Oliveros Goodbye 20th Century CD USA
Baudouin Oosterlynck Aquaphones Instrument / Sound Object Belgium
Ed Osborn Fidelity High Installation
Ed Osborn Auralaura Website Online
Ed Osborn The Ground Breaks, The Sky Stops Soundwork USA
Ed Osborn Recoil Installation Australia
Ed Osborn Arena Video Work USA
John Oswald Stress Film Soundtrack Austria
Garth Paine Reeds Installation Australia
Garth Paine Gestation Installation Australia
Susan Philipsz The Dead Installation Netherlands
Andrea Polli Rapid Fire Eye Tracking Musical Instrument Interfaces USA
Project Dark Step 1, Step 2, Step 3 - England
Yufen Qin Opernbesuch Installation Germany
Nadine Robinson Greater New York Sound Sculpture USA
Nadine Robinson Artist In Residence Residency USA
Nadine Robinson Die Rattenfangerhaus audio -painting installation USA
Steve Roden Static Curation USA
Steve Roden unknown live radio performance France
Steve Roden Light Structures film screening and live sound Belgium
Steve Roden Unfolding Resonance England
Steve Roden Water Temple Brazil
Steve Roden Architeturra sound performance USA
Steve Roden Bricks and Drones performance USA
Steve Roden hanging garden Installation USA
Jon Rose The Hyperstring Project Violin Modification Australia
Ish S Moving Parts CD USA
Ish S Masters of Japanese Electronic Music CD Compilation Japan
Ish S Mottomo Otomo: Unlimited XIII CD Compilation Austria
Ish S London Musicians Collective ...the First 25 Years CD Compilation England
Erik Samakh Les Joueurs de flute Installation France
Luz Maria Sanchez Untitled [wall sounds] Sound installation Mexico
Minoru Sato finding of a state of light: distribution of luminous intensity and its fluctuation site-specific installation Japan
Scanner The Collector Installation England
Scanner Sound Curtain Installation England
Scanner Audible Communities Soundtoys, CD, CD-ROM England
Scanner Battery Installation Germany
Scanner Unknown title Permanent Installation Ireland
Scanner On Broad Street Installation England
Scanner Gibbering into the Mirror Collaboration Scotland
Janek Schaefer untitled Concert Netherlands
Christof Schlaeger Mystik and Maschine Performance Composition Germany
Michael J. Schumacher Untitled Ô99 Installation USA
Michael J. Schumacher MAKMix Installation Germany
Dan Senn Catacomb Memories Installation USA
Dan Senn Three Girls From the Heart Installation USA
Dan Senn Two Cabins: Family Happiness Installation USA
Dan Senn Three Awakenings Installation USA
Joan Grounds and Sherre de Lys Terra Mirabilis Sound Installation Wales
Dallas Simpson Inside out and Outside In environmental sound sculpture England
Denis Smalley Sources/scènes CD England
Sonic Youth SYR5: Kim Gordon/Ikue Mori/DJ Olive CD USA
Sonic Youth Four Organs torn photo in glassine envelopes USA
Erwin Stache O-Tonbuffet 2 Installation Germany
Erwin Stache Töne aus der Erde Outdoor Installation Germany
Erwin Stache O-Tonbuffet 2 Installation Germany
Akio Suzuki unknown - Germany
Atau Tanaka Bondage Audio-visual composition Japan
Atau Tanaka mp3q - Japan
J. Milo Taylor Internet Radio Radio Show England
David Toop Sonic Boom: The Art of Sound, Curation England
David Toop Needle In the Groove album England
Toplap slub premiere Performance England
Toplap remote control lounge network installation Germany
Stephen Vitiello Tetrasomia Online Project USA
Stephen Vitiello I am Sitting in a Room:Sound Works by America Curation USA
Carl Micheal von Hausswolff Bigert, Bergström and Hausswolff Exhibition Sweden
Carl Micheal von Hausswolff Bigert, Bergström and Hausswolff Exhibition Sweden
Carl Micheal von Hausswolff Group exhibition Exhibition France
Carl Micheal von Hausswolff Group exhibition Exhibition South Korea
Carl Micheal von Hausswolff Group exhibition Exhibition USA
Carl Micheal von Hausswolff Group exhibition Exhibition Ireland
Carl Micheal von Hausswolff Group exhibition Exhibition Japan
Carl Micheal von Hausswolff It Austria
Carl Micheal von Hausswolff Erratum 3 compilation) France
Hildegard Westerkamp Attending to Sacred Matters - Canada
Hildegard Westerkamp Soniferous Garden Sound Installation Belgium
Hildegard Westerkamp Garden of the Sonic Labyrinth Acousmatic Outdoor Performance Canada
Hildegard Westerkamp Talking Rain Acousmatic Composition Canada
Gregory Whitehead The Marilyn Room Radio Work England
Gregory Whitehead All About Squid Audio Work
Gregory Whitehead Eau de Moi Radio Work
Trevor Wishart Machine 2 Experimental Vocal Work England
Trevor Wishart American Triptych. Electro-acoustic Composition England
Trevor Wishart Fleeting Opera (episode one, Birthrite) Site Specific Event England
Achim Wollscheid unknown Exhibition USA
John Wynne Cry Wolf - Finland
John Wynne Grasping and Clinging Gallery Installation Thailand
John Wynne Response Time large-scale, site-specific octaphonic installation Canada
Otomo Yoshihide Moving Parts CD USA
Otomo Yoshihide Masters of Japanese Electronic Music CD Compilation Japan
Otomo Yoshihide London Musicians Collective ...the First 25 Years CD Compilation England
Otomo Yoshihide Mottomo Otomo: Unlimited XIII CD Compilation Austria
Zoviet France The Decriminalisation of Country Music Album