168 selected statement(s) appeared in 1999
Vito Acconci 3 fragments for a radio songfest Composition USA
Simo Alitalo The Transit of Venus Radio Work Finland
Simo Alitalo The Transit of Venus Radio Work Australia
Maryanne Amacher Sound Characters (Making of the 3rd Ear) CD USA
Bjorn Askefoss correlations Sound Installation Norway
Ros Bandt Speak Before Its Too Late, Installation Australia
Ros Bandt The Invisible Cities. Installation Australia
Ros Bandt Water Medicine, Alchemy Exhibition Australia
Ros Bandt Stack , Electroacoustic Work Australia
Ros Bandt The Six Exquisites Installation USA
Joe Banks Artifical Lighting Spectrogram England
Louis and Bebe Barron Mixed Emotions Electronic Composition USA
Francois and Bernard Baschet Harp Sound sculpture France
Francois Bayle Arc, pour Gérard Grisey - France
Justin Bennett Accumulator(HD) Soundwork Germany
John Bischoff Immaterial States Live computer music USA
Brown Sierra tea exhibit England
Don Buchla Marimba Lumina Electronic musical instrument USA
Warren Burt Summerlake Installation Australia
Warren Burt Calvinesque Connections Daily Live Laptop Performance Australia
Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller The Missing Voice (Case Study B) Soundwalk England
Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller The Muriel Lake Incident Sound Installation Canada
Paul Carter Relay Public Sound Installation Australia
Kim Cascone Residualism CD Spain
Richard Chartier stat(ist)ic digital sound USA
Richard Chartier arranging between patterns USA
Beth Coleman unknown unknown USA
Beth Coleman Mobile Stealth Unit 002 Sculpture / Public Art USA
Joe Colley Everyone Gets What They Deserve CD USA
Philip Dadson Conundrum Quartet An installation in 4 parts. New Zealand
Tacita Dean Sound Mirrors Film England
Paul DeMarinis The Lecture of Comrade Stalin... Sound Installation USA
David Dunn Three Dynamical Systems USA
Max Eastley Wind Flute Sculpture Exhibition England
Max Eastley Sculpture in Woodland Exhibition Ireland
Max Eastley Untitled live show Performance Ireland
Max Eastley Untitled live show Performance Germany
Max Eastley Untitled live show Performance Germany
Max Eastley Untitled live show Performance Ireland
Karlheinz Essl m@ze°2 Modular Algorithmic Zound Environment Germany
Karlheinz Essl fLUSH Performance Netherlands
Karlheinz Essl pFLUG Ambience for sound scape, live electronics, and live-generated video Austria
Karlheinz Essl conVex realtime generated sound scape Austria
Karlheinz Essl da braccio interactive realtime composition Austria
Karlheinz Essl more or less realtime composition for 5 computer-controlled soloists Netherlands
Karlheinz Essl REplay PLAYer computer program Austria
Walter Fahndrich MUSIC FOR A QUARRY Exterior Installation USA
Bernhard Gal Defragmentation/blue Intermedia / Audio-architectural installation USA
Gilles Gobeil La perle et l’oubli Acousmatic Work Canada
Ken Gregory 000(distress) CD Canada
Josefine Guenschel Steel bands Kinetic installation Germany
Bernhard Gunter Buddha with the Sun Face / Buddha with the Moon Face CD Album Germany
Jonty Harrison Streams Composition Ireland
Hanna Hartman The Voice of Closed Eyes Soundwork Germany
Matt Heckert 26 Birds Sound Installation usa
Joyce Hinterding Undertow Installation Australia
John Hudak don’t worry about anything, i’ll talk to you tomorrow CD USA
Doan Huu Thang - - Vietnam
Philip Jeck Off the Record II Installation / Performance Germany
Philip Jeck Off the Record III Installation / Performance Germany
Philip Jeck Vinyl Coda I and II Installation / Performance Germany
Philip Jeck Matrix Installation / Performance England
Philip Jeck Vinyl Coda III Installation / Performance Germany
Zbigniew Karkowski Nature Is Perverse compilation CD Sweden
Zbigniew Karkowski [R*] iso|chall CD Austria
Zbigniew Karkowski Meltdown of Control CD Netherlands
Christina Kubisch Oase 2000 England
Christina Kubisch Zwei Räume, Germany
Christina Kubisch Aufzeichnungen Germany
Christina Kubisch Klang Fluß Licht Quelle Germany
Christina Kubisch Tafelmusik Germany
Hans Peter Kuhn Noch ohne Titel Installation Germany
Ron Kuivila Visitations - USA
Tilman Kuntzel THREE ROSES - THREE MUSIC BOXES Aleatoric Sounding Sculpture Germany
Tilman Kuntzel LIGHTS and SOUNDS BY TILMAN KÜNTZEL Light and Sound Installation Canada
Tilman Kuntzel SYMPHONIC GAME OF LIGHTS Site Specific Indoor Installation Germany
Tilman Kuntzel LIGHTS OBJECT KNOCKING Sounding Object Germany
Tilman Kuntzel THE SOUND OF HYPERREAL FETISHES interactive sound installation Germany
Brandon LaBelle Text = CD Audio Release USA
Bernhard Leitner Sound Architecture Installation Germany
Francisco Lopez untitled #90 (excerpt) - Spain
Alvin Lucier Twins Installation Germany
Alvin Lucier Empty Vessels Installation Germany
Christian Marclay Christian Marclay Exhibition USA
Christian Marclay Live @ IRCAM Live Performance France
Merzbow A Perfect Pain CD England
Christof Migone Ni (ni vu, ni su, ni connu) Audio piece for CD Canada
Christof Migone Metal God CD-ROM Canada
Gordon Monahan Fuzzy Love Performing Ensemble Germany
Meredith Monk SHRINES Installation USA
Morphogenesis Improvisations CD England
Morphogenesis Stromatolites CD England
Max Neuhaus Intersection 1 Sound Installation Italy
Max Neuhaus Suspended Sound Line Installation Switzerland
Hayley Newman 7 Records 7 Records Austria
Carsten Nicolai Produktionen 1999/2000 Germany
Carsten Nicolai Major Group Show England
Carsten Nicolai Major Group Show USA
Carsten Nicolai Major Group Show Japan
Nihilist Spasm Band Every Monday Night CD Canada
Jesper Norda Split / Boy Sound Installation Norway
Jesper Norda Butterfly Sound Installation Sweden
Andreas Oldorp Veer (für meine Brüder) Sound Installation Germany
Andreas Oldorp Zusammenspiel Sound Installation Germany
Pauline Oliveros Live at the Ijsbreker January 24,1999 CD Netherlands
Ed Osborn Pretty Natal Installation USA
Ed Osborn Cascade Public outdoor Installation New Zealand
Ed Osborn Silhouette Installation USA
Bob Ostertag PantyChrist Band project with Otomo Yoshihide (dj) and Justin Bond (vocal). USA
Nobert Walter Peters Vasí-on Installation Germany
Susan Philipsz The Internationale Installation England
Susan Philipsz Striptease Installation
Susan Philipsz I Remember You, Chicago Installation
Miller Puckette Lemma 2 Multimedia Performance USA
Yufen Qin Duo Guo (Zeit vergeht) Installation Germany
Martin Riches Do it Yourself Sound Installation Germany
Steve Roden Site Of Sound Book USA
Steve Roden Observatory (gazing out the window) installation Italy
Steve Roden Heizlufter sound installation and performance Germany
Steve Roden 8 windows Installation USA
Steve Roden view Installation USA
Steve Roden observatory Installation USA
Jon Rose Violin Factory interactive new media performance Multiple international sites
Jodi Rose Oblique Exhibition New Zealand
Ish S Christian Marclay / Otomo Yoshihide 7 Single USA
Ish S Turntable Solos CD Compilation Japan
Ish S Panty Christ CD USA
Minoru Sato solar cell camera instrument Japan
Scanner Arche-Vision Exhibition Netherlands
Scanner Dutch Individuals Installation Italy
Scanner Closure Austria
Scanner Flood England
Scanner Sound Polaroids Installation, performance England
Scanner Surface Noise Installation England
Janek Schaefer untitled Concert England
Michael J. Schumacher Room Piece Twenty four Installation USA
Michael J. Schumacher Room Piece Thirty-three Installation USA
Dan Senn Tulips Amidst Too Lips Installation USA
Dallas Simpson The Valley of Crows environmental sound work England
Sonic Youth Piano Piece #13 (for Nam June Paik) Realisation USA
Sonic Youth El Oido (The Ear) Four channel tape work in wood enclosure USA
Sonic Youth Text of Light Improvising Ensemble Project USA
Sonic Youth Having Never Written a Note for Percussion Realisation USA
Sonic Youth SYR4: Goodbye 20th Century CD USA
Erwin Stache Scherengitter Sound Sculpture Germany
Erwin Stache 2:1 für den Klang Installation Germany
Akio Suzuki Pyramid soundless installation
Akio Suzuki Turbridge installation Germany
Akio Suzuki unknown - New Zealand
Atau Tanaka Constellations network music installation France
James Tenney SongnDance for Harry Partch Composition Germany
David Toop Spirit World Album England
Trimpin Study No. 51 (3750) Realisation USA
Ultra-Red Dont Rhine Installation New Zealand
Steina and Woody Vasulka Trevor Single-channel video with sound USA
Stephen Vitiello World Trade Center project Installation USA
Carl Micheal von Hausswolff Solo exhibition Exhibition Slovenia
Carl Micheal von Hausswolff Group exhibition Exhibition South Korea
Gregory Whitehead Mr. Whitehead, Are You There? Radio Work England
Achim Wollscheid Installation Installation Germany
Achim Wollscheid connective memory Installation Germany
Achim Wollscheid Nordpol bridge Installation Germany
John Wynne Upcountry Sonic Portrait England
Otomo Yoshihide Christian Marclay / Otomo Yoshihide 7 Single USA
Otomo Yoshihide Turntable Solos CD Compilation Japan
Otomo Yoshihide Panty Christ CD USA
Miki Yui acoustic survival kit _(ask) -