162 selected statement(s) appeared in 1998
Bjorn Askefoss Who, how, woh Internet concert program Norway
Nigel Ayers Morte Aux Vaches Audio Release Netherlands
Ros Bandt Beaming the Theremin Curation /Installation Australia
Ros Bandt The Aeolian Pier and Sound Garden, Installation Australia
Llorenc Barber Vivos Voco Performance Spain
Francois Bayle La forme du temps est un cercle (Time’s form is a circle) - France
Justin Bennett bridge Soundwork Netherlands
Justin Bennett displacements radio project Netherlands
Justin Bennett soundhouse sound piece Netherlands
Justin Bennett soundwalk A graphic section through a soundscape Netherlands
John Bischoff Striped Cloth Live computer music USA
Brown Sierra Gri Gri 1 Exhibit with live crickets singing in glass cabinet England
Warren Burt Warren Burt: Texts and Music 1987-1998 CD Australia
Warren Burt Miss Furr and Miss Skene Voice Piece Australia
Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller Drogan's Nightmare Soundwalk Brazil
Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller Villa Medici Walk Sound Walk Italy
Paul Carter Nearamnew Public Sound Installation Australia
Paul DeMarinis The Messenger Installation Spain
Paul DeMarinis RainDance / Musica Acuatica Interactive Sound Installation Portugal
Max Eastley Untitled live show Performance Spain
Karlheinz Essl fLOW realtime generated sound scape USA
Karlheinz Essl fLOCK Concerto for ensemble and live-electronics USA
Karlheinz Essl Karlheinz Essls Playing Strategies javascript Austria
Walter Fahndrich MUSIK FÜR DEN WUNDERBURGGRABEN Exterior Installation Germany
Bill Fontana amplified underwater sounds from church tower Installation Austria
Terry Fox Ataraxia SoundWork / CD Germany
William Furlong Sound Garden Installation England
William Furlong Sound Corridor Installation England
William Furlong An Imagery or Absence Installation England
William Furlong Spoken For/Spoken About Installation England
Bernhard Gal bestimmung new york Intermedia USA
Gilles Gobeil Behind the Remotest Door Acousmatic Work Canada
Ken Gregory Sonic Waking Impro Quad Performance Canada
Ken Gregory for those about to dream gesture capture MIDI performance device Canada
Dennis Guen Feuer Tanz Sound / Video Installation Turkey
Dennis Guen Feuer Tanz Sound / Video Installation Turkey
John Hudak Brooklyn Bridge CD USA
Ryoji Ikeda 0 degrees Album USA
Ryoji Ikeda Installation Netherlands
Philip Jeck To the Bridge. Installation / Performance Germany
Zbigniew Karkowski Coalescence CD Canada
Zbigniew Karkowski Voltage CD Netherlands
Zbigniew Karkowski Mutation CD Netherlands
Zbigniew Karkowski Locked Groove compilation CD Netherlands
Zbigniew Karkowski Area/Pulse CD France
Zbigniew Karkowski Traceroute CD England
Christina Kubisch Dreaming of a major third Germany
Christina Kubisch Mausoleum Germany
Tilman Kuntzel BILLY THE COW interactive sound installation Germany
Tilman Kuntzel EIN KLEINER ROSENGARTEN Installation Canada
Tilman Kuntzel THE SONIC WINDSOCKS Outdoor Installation Canada
Brandon LaBelle maps of tenderness Audio Release Germany
Rainer Linz BARCODE - III. immersion -
Francisco Lopez The Acousmatic Rooms Installation Spain
Benoit Maubrey TEMPLE OF WASTE public sound art installation Germany
Christof Migone un jeudi téléphonique CD Canada
Christof Migone Blisters in the Sun - Canada
Christof Migone Gridpubliclock Radio Performance Canada
Christof Migone Crackers - Canada
Christof Migone Separate Performance Canada
Meredith Monk MAGIC FREQUENCIES Interdisciplinary Performance USA
Morphogenesis Charivari Music CD England
Iain Mott Sound Mapping Installation Australia
Negativland Pastor Dick Rains On Your Hit Parade Web Project USA
Negativland Over the Edge Radio Broadcast USA
Hayley Newman Lock-jaw Lecture Series Lecture Series England
Hayley Newman Bass in a Space Fictional England
Hayley Newman You Scratch Mine and I’ll Scratch Yours Fictional Performance England
Hayley Newman Head Fictional Project England
Hayley Newman Connotations Performance Images 1994-1998 Series of Images England
Hayley Newman Exploding LEGO Fictional Public Performance Intervention England
Hayley Newman Smoke, Smoke, Smoke Fictional Performance Norway
Hayley Newman Football Audio Cup Fictional Performance England
Hayley Newman Occasionally Groovy Fictional Art Object Germany
Hayley Newman Hook and Eye Performance England
Carsten Nicolai bausatz noto and#8734; Sound Object /Installation Germany
Carsten Nicolai realistic Installation
Keith Townsend Obadike The Uli Suite Installation / CD USA
Andreas Oldorp großes Weiß Sound sculpture Germany
Andreas Oldorp Vom Raum zum Ort Sound Installation Germany
Andreas Oldorp !Horizont Sound Installation Austria
Andreas Oldorp Zwei Klanginstallationen für Parochial Sound Installation Germany
Pauline Oliveros Out of the Dark Composition USA
Pauline Oliveros The Expanded Instrument System MAX/MSP environment for live performance USA
Pauline Oliveros Primordial Lift - Full Version CD USA
Fernando Ortega Untitled Recording Mexico
Ed Osborn Walkway Public outdoor Installation USA
Ed Osborn Night-Sea Music Installation Canada
Ed Osborn Swarm Installation Australia
Ed Osborn Language Master Soundwork USA
Ed Osborn Shuffleboardwalking Soundwork USA
John Oswald Homonymy Soundtrack Canada
Nobert Walter Peters MaeTavoLik Performance Germany
Susan Philipsz Red Shift Installation Ireland
Susan Philipsz Filter Installation Ireland
Project Dark 10,000 Volt Spark Generating Record Player Object England
Yufen Qin Yin Song (Reading) Installation Germany
Steve Roden Tulpas 5 CDs and Book Germany
Steve Roden Vegetale Oscillations sound installation USA
Steve Roden Husk USA
Steve Roden Wheres John USA
Steve Roden SoundWork Japan
Steve Roden In Search of Snow sound installation USA
Steve Roden Hysteria installation USA
Steve Roden All You Can Eat site specific installation USA
Steve Roden unknown England
Steve Roden vegetale oscillations Installation USA
Jon Rose The Fence Radio Work / Performance Germany
Ish S Filament Duo Japan
Ish S I.S.O. Band Project Japan
Ish S Orion Cup: The Last Sounds from the Last Cup CD Compilation Russia
Nicola Sani and Mario Sasso Torre delle Video / Sound Installation Italy
Scanner Incarceration Installation England
Scanner Ground Control CD USA
Scanner Alphaville Live Film Soundtrack England
Scanner Data Wings Concert Austria
Scanner A Manual for the 21st Century Performance Netherlands
Scanner Wishing Well Installation Austria
Scanner per->Son Performance Germany
Scanner Snowglobe Artwork England
Scanner I Rip You, You Rip Me Exhibition Netherlands
Janek Schaefer untitled Concert England
R. Murray Schafer Northern Soundscapes, Yearbook of Soundscape Book Finland
Dodo Schielein Compressing-Condensing CD of Live Performance Germany
Michael J. Schumacher Room Piece Twenty-four Installation USA
Michael J. Schumacher Monologue Installation USA
Michael J. Schumacher Room Piece Installation USA
Michael J. Schumacher Inside Installation USA
Michael J. Schumacher The Aural Site Installation USA
Michael J. Schumacher Monologue Installation USA
Dallas Simpson Three Bridges Performance England
Dallas Simpson Environmental workshop England
Karlheinz Stockhausen MICHAELION Electronic Composition Germany
Atau Tanaka 9m14s Over Vietnam Audio-visual composition Japan
J. Milo Taylor Baby Data Band Project England
David Toop Acqua Matrix Soundtrack / Installation Portugal
Ultra-Red Value System - USA
Stephen Vitiello uknown Installation Germany
Carl Micheal von Hausswolff Solo exhibition Exhibition Finland
Carl Micheal von Hausswolff Solo exhibition Exhibition Sweden
Carl Micheal von Hausswolff Group exhibition Exhibition Austria
Carl Micheal von Hausswolff Group exhibition Exhibition France
Wolf Vostell Fluxus Buick Piano Sculpture Spain
Chris Watson Ouside the Circle of Fire CD England
Chris Watson The Life of Birds Television England
Hildegard Westerkamp Nada-an Experience in Sound - India
Gregory Whitehead The Bone Trade Radio Work England
Gregory Whitehead The Hidden Language of Trees Radio Work England
Gregory Whitehead The Bottom of the Mind Radio Work England
Gregory Whitehead Mind, Body and Soul Radio Work England
Trevor Wishart Two Women Electro-acoustic Composition England
Achim Wollscheid triple transformation Installation USA
Achim Wollscheid 10 transformers Installation Germany
Achim Wollscheid Der Laden des Uhrmachers Installation Austria
Achim Wollscheid 2 spaces Exhibition USA
David Worrall En Passant Marcel Duchamp Germany
Otomo Yoshihide Filament Duo Japan
Otomo Yoshihide I.S.O. Band Project Japan
Otomo Yoshihide Orion Cup: The Last Sounds from the Last Cup CD Compilation Russia
Pamela Z Parts of Speech Performance USA
Z'EV Opus 3.1 CD USA
Zoviet France Mort Aux Vaches CD