136 selected statement(s) appeared in 1997
Francis Alys Paradox of Praxis Public Intervention Mexico
Maryanne Amacher Levi-Montalcini-Variation Installation / Composition Austria
Sam Auinger Cloud Chamber Installation/Performance USA
Ros Bandt A Global Bridge for Percy Installation Australia
Ros Bandt A Global Garden for Percy Network Performance Australia
Ros Bandt A Garden for Percy’s Delight Installation Australia
Joe Banks Blackout Installation England
Justin Bennett secret city An audio guide Netherlands
Justin Broadrick Final -the first millionth of a second Album England
Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller Walk Munster Two part Soundwalk Germany
Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller La Tour Installation Canada
David Cunningham ext.night Album England
David Cunningham nothing - owada Producer Credit England
David Cunningham Open Square Installation England
Tacita Dean Mosquito (Magnetic) - England
Tacita Dean Trying to Find the Spiral Jetty CD England
Dickson DEE PNF-2 Album China
Paul DeMarinis Grind Snaxe Blind Apes ( A Study for Pomeroys Tomb) Installation USA
Paul DeMarinis Living with Electricity Installation USA
Max Eastley Ireland and Europe Sculpture event Ireland
Max Eastley Untitled live show Performance England
Max Eastley Untitled live show Performance Ireland
Max Eastley the Arc Instrument England
Brian Eno KAH-Bonn installation collage installation artwork
Brian Eno 3Music for White Cube2 Sound Installation England
Brian Eno 3Lightness2 audio/visual installation Russia
Karlheinz Essl Lexikon-Sonate online realtime-generated piano music Germany
Walter Fahndrich Zuger Kunsthaus Interior Installation Switzerland
William Furlong Identity and Location Walls of Sound Radiophonic Austria
William Furlong Mute Dialogue - England
Gilles Gobeil Point de passage” (“Crossing Point”) Acousmatic Work Canada
Heidi Grundmann RECYCLING THE FUTURE Radio Project Austria
Dennis Guen Beyond Visibility and Invisibility Sound Installation Germany
Hanna Hartman Are you going up these hills? Soundwork Denmark
John Hudak Tick Tock Cassette USA
Philip Jeck Free Jazz. Installation / Performance Austria
Zbigniew Karkowski Disruptor CD England
Zbigniew Karkowski Or some computer music CD England
Zbigniew Karkowski END ID CD Japan
Zbigniew Karkowski Datastream CD England
Christina Kubisch Zwölf Tafeln Germany
Christina Kubisch Sieben Fenster und acht Klänge Germany
Christina Kubisch Dodici luci e undici suoni Italy
Christina Kubisch Über die Stille Germany
Christina Kubisch The Clocktower Project Installation and CD USA
Hans Peter Kuhn Blue Installation Ireland
Hans Peter Kuhn Installation auf dem Potsdamer Platz Installation Germany
Hans Peter Kuhn Projizierte Musik Installation France
Tilman Kuntzel CELESTA SOLARIS Environmental Installation Germany
Tilman Kuntzel POLYRHYTHMIC SOUNDSCAPE Sound Installation India
Tilman Kuntzel THE SHOUTING CHRISTMAS STARS Sound Installation Sweden
Brandon LaBelle 365 Audio Work USA
Bernhard Leitner Water Mirror Installation Germany
Francisco Lopez Addy en el país de las frutas y los chunches -
Christian Marclay Pictures at an Exhibition - USA
Kaffe Matthews CdAnn CD England
Benoit Maubrey AUDIO GEISHAS - Japan
Benoit Maubrey AUDIO IGLOO - Germany
Merzbow Masami Akita and Zbigniew Karkowski (aka MAZK) CD Japan
Merzbow Maldoror Noise Duo Australia
Christof Migone Recipes for Disaster Radio Performance Austria
Christof Migone the roof of the mouth is anxious Audio Installation Canada
Christof Migone The Mighty Resonator Radio / Web stream Austria
Morphogenesis Formative Causation CD England
Negativland TRUTH IN ADVERTISING 7 vinyl USA
Negativland DISPEPSI - USA
Negativland THE AD AND THE EGO Video Documentary USA
Carsten Nicolai Major Group Show Germany
Carsten Nicolai labor e Installation Germany
Carsten Nicolai and#8734; Installation Germany
Camille Norment Crossings interactive sound and light installation USA
Camille Norment Auction, The Bank Mixed Media with human teeth and audio USA
Andreas Oldorp Am Anfang war nicht das Wort, sondern ein Zwitschern Sound Installation Germany
Andreas Oldorp Arbeit mit Lager Sound Installation Germany
Andreas Oldorp ... to rub out the word. Sound Installation Germany
Andreas Oldorp Outdoor Sound Installation Slovakia
Pauline Oliveros Suspended Music DVD USA
Bob Ostertag Like a Melody, No Bitterness Album USA
Nam June Paik 32 cars for the 20th century: play Mozarts Requiem quietly Sculptural Sound Installation Germany
Bernard Parmegiani Sonare - France
Susan Philipsz Metropola Installation England
Susan Philipsz Susan, Barbara, Joan and Sarah, A Song Apart Installation England
Project Dark SIN0089 Art Object England
Miller Puckette Lemma 1 Multimedia Performance Greece
Miller Puckette Global Visual Music Research / Performance Project USA
Yufen Qin Schirm Sound Object Germany
Yufen Qin Luo Sheng (Fallender Klang), Installation Germany
Steve Roden Are We Touched? Curation USA
Steve Roden Ear as Eye Curation USA
Steve Roden Letre de Zombie City Contemporary Dance France
Steve Roden unknown live improv. to silent movies England
Steve Roden unknown France
Steve Roden Encounters in the Garden UK tour England
Steve Roden Luminous performance USA
Steve Roden Diamond Sea partial soundtrack USA
Steve Roden Cloud Moving performance England
Ish S Pendler CD Compilation Sweden
Luz Maria Sanchez Radio1 Quadraphonic Sound Piece. Mexico
Nicola Sani and Mario Sasso Omaggio a Leopardi Video / Sound Installation Italy
Minoru Sato numerical wave observation drawing Japan
Scanner Actual Factual Dance England
Scanner Ear as Eye : Drawings by Sound Artists Drawing USA
Dodo Schielein Vierklang CD Germany
Michael J. Schumacher Mobile Chord Eight Installation USA
Michael J. Schumacher The Secluded Vale Installation USA
Michael J. Schumacher Multiple Fixation Installation USA
Michael J. Schumacher The Aural Site Installation USA
Dan Senn Water-driven Canopy Lyre Installation USA
Dan Senn Petes Pool Sound and Video Installation Installation USA
Joan Grounds and Sherre de Lys Say Ahh Public Installation Australia
Dallas Simpson The Kindergarten Suite: Incarnations (For the Elimination of environmental sound work England
Denis Smalley Empty Vessels Acousmatic Composition England
Sonic Youth Legend of the Blood Yeti Album England
Sonic Youth 6 Minutes and 5 Seconds - USA
Erwin Stache Tonrauschen Installation Germany
Akio Suzuki Hana (Flower) soundless installation Germany
Terre Thaemlitz Couture Cosmetique CD Album USA
David Toop Pink Noir Album England
Barry Truax Listening and the Electroacoustic Community Paper Germany
Barry Truax Pendlerdrom Acousmatic Composition Canada
Toshiya Tsunoda Wind Whistling Soundwork Japan
Toshiya Tsunoda Ferry Passing Soundwork Japan
Keiko Uenishi pitchbrite duo USA
Ultra-Red Structural Adjustments - USA
Ultra-Red Social Factory - USA
Stephen Vitiello uknown uknown USA
Carl Micheal von Hausswolff Group exhibition Exhibition Finland
Carl Micheal von Hausswolff Group exhibition Exhibition Turkey
Carl Micheal von Hausswolff Group exhibition Exhibition Turkey
Stephan von Huene The Blue Books Installation Germany
Stephan von Huene The New Lorelei Sound sculpture Germany
Achim Wollscheid Der freie Fall Radio Work Germany
Achim Wollscheid ear as eye Exhibition USA
David Worrall Square wave Australia
John Wynne The Sound of Sirens - Denmark
Otomo Yoshihide Pendler CD Compilation Sweden