164 selected statement(s) appeared in 1996
Laurie Anderson Whirlwind Installation Germany
Sam Auinger Deep Blue Installation Austria
Sam Auinger Balance 1.0 Installation Germany
Ros Bandt Voicing the Murray Installation Australia
Llorenc Barber Spargens Sonum Soundwork Germany
Llorenc Barber Performance Performance Germany
Francois Bayle Morceaux de ciels (Pieces of heavens) - France
Andres Bosshard manandarbandr Installation Germany
Andres Bosshard Electric City Installation India
Justin Broadrick Final - Two Album England
Justin Broadrick Final - Solaris CD E.P England
Justin Broadrick Urge,Fail Single England
Don Buchla Lightning II Electronic musical instrument USA
Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller Louisiana Tour #14 Sound Walk Denmark
Patrice Carre Formez le cercle Sound Installation France
Patrice Carre Café-musiques Public Commission France
David Cunningham ghost dance -michael giles, jamie muir, david cunningham CD Album England
David Cunningham rude mechanic -pan sonic/hayley newman/david crawforth CD Album England
Peter Cusack A Host Of Golden Daffodils CD England
Philip Dadson The Archeology of Stones Performance USA
Tacita Dean Foley Artist Installation England
Tacita Dean Delft Hydraulics Film England
Dickson DEE PAST CD Album USA
Paul DeMarinis Sound Waves and Scan-O-Vision Large Scale Public Interactive Installation USA
Gunter Demnig 9 Pfeifen und Schwarser Klangwagen mit Manual Sound sculpture Austria
Gunter Demnig Schwarzer Klangturm Sound sculpture Germany
Max Eastley Untitled live show Performance Scotland
Max Eastley Untitled live show Performance Netherlands
Max Eastley Untitled live show Performance Germany
Max Eastley Untitled live show Performance Switzerland
Georg Ulrich Eller Im Kreis der Trommeln Sound Installation Germany
Georg Ulrich Eller Snare Drums Sound Installation Germany
Brian Eno Generative Music sound installation Germany
Brian Eno Music for Airports sound installation Germany
Brian Eno Oblique Strategies - Edition 4 Deck of Cards England
Brian Eno Generative Music I audio screen savers England
Brian Eno generative roomscape 1 Installation Germany
Terry Fox School of Velocity Soundwork Germany
William Furlong Image, Sequence of Time Installation England
William Furlong Hearing is Believing CD England
William Furlong Absences/Presences Installation Germany
Qubais Reed Ghazala Photon Clarinet Circuit bent Instrument USA
Dennis Guen Un Hommage a Heiner Muller Sound Object Germany
Jonty Harrison Évidence matérielle CD England
Jonty Harrison Articles indéfinis CD England
Matt Heckert Metal Spine Sound sculpture Germany
Steve Heimbecker Soundpool: The Manufacturing of Silence Sound sculptures and interactive installation Canada
Nigel Helyer Silent Forest Installation USA
Ryoji Ikeda +/- Album England
Robert Jacobsen Robots Sound Sculpture / Consumer Customisation Germany
Philip Jeck Off The Record Installation / Performance England
Christina Kubisch Sein und Schein Germany
Christina Kubisch Cross Examination USA
Christina Kubisch Zwischenräume Germany
Christina Kubisch Acht Säulen und ein Raum Germany
Christina Kubisch Musik und Raum Germany
Hans Peter Kuhn Ballett Installation France
Hans Peter Kuhn Rosa Rauschen Installation France
Hans Peter Kuhn Mittelplatz Installation France
Hans Peter Kuhn Sounds for a Space in the Sun Installation Japan
Hans Peter Kuhn Who’s Afraid of Anything Performance Germany
Ron Kuivila Hothouse (treibhaus) Installation Germany
Ron Kuivila Parsable Installation USA
Tilman Kuntzel GYPSIA 1889 - IN MEMORIAM Sound installation Poland
Tilman Kuntzel THE SOUND OF LOVE Sounding Object Germany
Brandon LaBelle Id Battery Band Project USA
Dan Lander unknown Composition Canada
Bernhard Leitner ton-raum-variationen Installation Germany
Bernhard Leitner Firmament Installation
Francisco Lopez Belle Confusion CD Spain
Alvin Lucier locales Installation Germany
Christian Marclay Arranged and Conducted - Germany
Miya Masaoka Bees A series of compositions and large-scale video multimedia USA
Miya Masaoka Whats the Difference Between Stripping and Playing the Violin Site Specific Performance USA
Benoit Maubrey CELLULAR BUDDIES - Germany
Benoit Maubrey ELECTRONIC GUYS - Germany
Merzbow The Prosperity Of Vice - The Misfortune Of Virtue CD England
Christof Migone SeptSixUn-QuatreHuit QuatreUn Audio Work Canada
Christof Migone je me te parle Audio work for radio Canada
Christof Migone The Death of Analogies A series of installations/performances. Canada
Robin Minard Still/Life Installation Netherlands
Gordon Monahan Spontaneously Harmonious in Certain Kinds of Weather Installation Germany
Meredith Monk Archeology of an Artist Installation USA
Meredith Monk A CELEBRATION SERVICE Interdisciplinary Performance USA
Meredith Monk THE POLITICS OF QUIET Interdisciplinary Performance USA
Iain Mott The Talking Chair Listening Environment Australia
Negativland CHRISTMAS SPIRIT - UFOs For Christmas Radio Broadcast USA
Max Neuhaus ›evoking the aural‹ – zeichnungen Installation Germany
Hayley Newman Shot in the Dark Performance England
Carsten Nicolai Major Group Show USA
Carsten Nicolai mikro makro Installation Germany
Katherine Norman Bells and Gargoyles digitally created soundscape England
Andreas Oldorp Versuch der Rekonstruktion einer Zeit Sound Installation Germany
Andreas Oldorp One of us cannot be wrong Sound Installation Germany
Pauline Oliveros Non Stop Flight CD USA
Pauline Oliveros Four Meditations for Orchestra Composition USA
Ed Osborn Parabolica Installation Finland
Ed Osborn SoundCulture 96 Curation USA
Ed Osborn Red Lens Installation USA
Bob Ostertag Twins! Recording USA
Bob Ostertag Say No More CDs 3 and 4 Album USA
Nam June Paik requiem for turkish soldiers who died in the korean war Installation Germany
Bernard Parmegiani La Creation Du Monde CD France
Project Dark SIN0035 Art Object England
Project Dark SIN0057 Art Object England
Miller Puckette Pure Data Software Environment USA
Miller Puckette jMax Software Environment France
Yufen Qin Yan se de chuan (Legende der Farbe) Installation Germany
Yufen Qin Qing Zhou Installation Germany
Yufen Qin Zhu Lin Installation Germany
Yufen Qin DI Dao SoundWork Germany
Martin Riches Ein Ton / A Note Instrument / Sound Sculpture Germany
Steve Roden Point of Yucca 2 CD Switzerland
Steve Roden Listening Room Exhibition USA
Steve Roden The Radio comissioned micro-opera, broadcast USA
Steve Roden In A Small Place site specific performance USA
Steve Roden Ngattaugree performance USA
Steve Roden Crop Circles sound installation USA
Steve Roden Listening Room recorded sound works, USA
Jon Rose Perks Performance Germany
Ish S MC HellShit and DJ Carhouse Duo Japan
Ish S Twins CD Japan
Ish S AngelicA 95 CD Compilation Italy
Ish S Revolutionary Pekinese Opera (ver 1.28) Plunderphonic Performance Japan
Minoru Sato circuit model of physical vibration for power source performance/multiple Japan
Minoru Sato eigen-state and the displacement site-specific installation Japan
Minoru Sato Detecting space conditions from phase-contrast by using sine waves and a gate on various sounds performance Japan
Scanner The Brood Performance England
Scanner Delta + Dance France
Scanner Rude Mechanic Group Show England
Dodo Schielein Clusterboards Object Germany
Michael J. Schumacher Mobile Chord Three Installation USA
Michael J. Schumacher The Aural Site Installation USA
Dan Senn Vakio CD Finland
Dan Senn reSite Installation USA
Dan Senn Pendulyres, Pendulings, Over Ground and Other Things Installation USA
Sonic Youth HWY Song Installation England
Erwin Stache Treppen-TonTon Sound Object / Instrument / installation Germany
Erwin Stache __00002248_34 Sound Object Germany
Karlheinz Stockhausen MITTWOCHS-ABSCHIED Electronic Composition Germany
Akio Suzuki Otodate (Echo point) soundless installation Germany
Akio Suzuki unknown - Germany
Barry Truax Pacific Fanfare Soundscape Composition Canada
Stephen Vitiello Ear to the Image: Soundtracks by Steven Vitiello Sound for video USA
Peter Vogel Berliner Klandwand/Rhythmic Sound Sound Object Germany
Carl Micheal von Hausswolff unknown
Carl Micheal von Hausswolff Solo exhibition Exhibition USA
Carl Micheal von Hausswolff Group exhibition Exhibition Netherlands
Wolf Vostell Energie II Assemblage
Chris Watson Low Pressure CD England
Chris Watson Stepping Into The Dark CD England
Hildegard Westerkamp Transformations CD Canada
Gregory Whitehead Nothing But Fog Radio Work
Achim Wollscheid Das unsichtbare Dritte Radio Work Germany
Achim Wollscheid Fish n Chips Radio Work Germany
Achim Wollscheid big and small happenings Installation USA
Achim Wollscheid Kunitachi sound transformation Installation Japan
David Worrall A Doing Resounds Electroacoustic Composition Australia
John Wynne $75 CDN Composition Canada
Otomo Yoshihide MC HellShit and DJ Carhouse Duo Japan
Otomo Yoshihide Twins CD Japan
Otomo Yoshihide AngelicA 95 CD Compilation Italy
Otomo Yoshihide Revolutionary Pekinese Opera (ver 1.28) Plunderphonic Performance Japan
Zoviet France in.version Album