124 selected statement(s) appeared in 1995
Sam Auinger Flugstunden Soundwork Austria
Sam Auinger Maxres Installation Austria
Sam Auinger Water Harp Video
Llorenc Barber De Sol a Sol Sound Sculpture / Instrument Spain
John Bischoff Surface 11-5-2 Live computer music USA
Don Buchla OB-Mx Electronic musical instrument USA
Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller In The Dark Pool Sound Installation Canada
David Cunningham artificial homeland -angela jaeger and david cunningham Album England
David Cunningham danger in paradise CD Album England
David Cunningham the secret dub life of the flying lizards CD Album England
Dickson DEE PNF- I Album China
David Dunn The Lion In Which the Spirits of the Royal Ancestors Reside Audio-Visual Installation Zimbabwe
Max Eastley Untitled live show Performance France
Max Eastley Untitled live show Performance England
Halim El-Dabh Juxtaposition Germany
Brian Eno Self-Storage Installation England
William Furlong The Oily Men of Mill Dam Bank Installation England
William Furlong Hearing is Believing Radiophonic England
Qubais Reed Ghazala Morpheum Circuit bent Instrument USA
Gilles Gobeil Projet Proust Acousmatic Work Canada
Gilles Gobeil Nuit cendre Acousmatic Work Canada
Ken Gregory under the influence of ether computer controlled audio/radio transmission Canada
Josefine Guenschel Ziezow Sound Installation Germany
Bernhard Gunter trente oiseaux Record Label Germany
Jonty Harrison Sorties Composition Austria
Jonty Harrison Hot Air Composition France
Jonty Harrison Unsound Objects Composition Canada
Matt Heckert Osciallating Rings Sound sculpture Switzerland
Felix Hess How Light is Changed into Sound Installation Germany
Gary Hill Conundrum Single-channel video installation USA
Gary Hill Bind Single-channel video with sound USA
Gary Hill Withershins Interactive Sound Installation with video projections USA
Joyce Hinterding Aeriology Installation Australia
Manuel Rocha Iturbide Móin Mór Tape Composition Mexico
Philip Jeck Widescreen Installation / Performance Austria
Philip Jeck Anatomy Composition England
Philip Jeck Harry and Krishna Composition England
Philip Jeck Incassum, Casio Composition England
Philip Jeck Louies Riddle Composition England
Joe Jones Fluxus Instruments Instruments / Sound Sculptures / Environments USA
Rolf Julius 3 x Eisen Sound Sculpture Germany
Rolf Julius Gelb Sound Sculpture Germany
Peter Keifer Klangpendel Sound Installation Germany
Peter Keifer Ulysses /~Köln Sound Installation Germany
Christina Kubisch Passagen Sound / Light Installation Germany
Hans Peter Kuhn Puente de Sonido Installation Spain
Hans Peter Kuhn Schreiende Farben: Knackiges Schwarz Installation Germany
Tilman Kuntzel THE SOUND OF MERIDIAN CROSSINGS Mechanic-aleatoric Composition Czech Republic
Tilman Kuntzel THE SOUND OF HORROR VACUI space-related sound installation Germany
Tilman Kuntzel NO GAINS, NO PAINS - Germany
Dan Lander Zoo CD Canada
Bernhard Leitner Sound Field IV Installation
Christian Marclay Accompagnement Musical - Switzerland
Christof Migone Extended and Amplified Installation Canada
Christof Migone Record Release Installation Canada
Christof Migone Horizontal Radio live multi-media telematic radio / network Multiple international sites
Christof Migone Present Performance Canada
Christof Migone vex Performance Canada
Christof Migone xPLURAL Participatory Performance Canada
Paul D. Miller In the Valley of the Shadows Sound Composition USA
Robin Minard Klangstille Sound Installation Germany
Negativland SONIC OUTLAWS 16mm documentary film USA
Hayley Newman That’s why they’re doing it - England
Camille Norment Someday Never Mixed Media with audio USA
Camille Norment Music Box mixed media installation with audio USA
Bruce Odland Fundamental Air Installation France
Andreas Oldorp HIRSCHGANG Sound Installation Germany
Andreas Oldorp ruah Sound Installation Slovakia
Andreas Oldorp Bunker und Klangstein Sound Installation Norway
Ed Osborn Last Call Installation USA
Ed Osborn Groundswell Installation USA
Ed Osborn Fence Sitters Installation USA
John Oswald Sonic Outlaws Film Appearence USA
Miller Puckette Max/FTS Software Environment France
Yufen Qin Fruhling in der Jadehalle Installation Turkey
Yufen Qin Fruhling in der Jadehalle Installation Turkey
Martin Riches Motor Mouth Sound Sculpture Germany
Steve Roden Daspairing..Horizontally...Vertically sound installation USA
Steve Roden Asphalt Opera #9 Japan
Steve Roden Two Pieces live performance USA
Steve Roden Ippirati Slovenia
Steve Roden Hybrid USA
Steve Roden So Low performance USA
Steve Roden Communicating Vessels performance Japan
Ish S Wohlstand: German-Japanese Noise-Compilation CD Compilation Germany
Ish S Tatakiuri: Japan/China Point of Sales Tour CD Japan
Erik Samakh Entre Chien et Loup Installation France
Sarkis Geistesblitz Sculpture Germany
Minoru Sato surface site-specific installation Japan
Minoru Sato emerge from the perturbation field installation Japan
Scanner The Grand Ceremonial Theatre, Soundtrack England
Scanner Transgressions Installation England
Scanner I/O/D Director Project England
Scanner Seven Adverts across Europe Video Idents England
Janek Schaefer Self Storage Recorded Delivery Installation England
Michael J. Schumacher Room Pieces One and Six Installation Germany
Dan Senn Catacombs of Yucatan Installation USA
Joan Grounds and Sherre de Lys Cecis N'est Pas Une Pipe Sound sculpture Australia
Joan Grounds and Sherre de Lys Les Deux Mystčres Sound sculpture Australia
Erwin Stache Das O-Tonbuffet 1. Entwurf Sound Table Germany
Erwin Stache Klangkästen Sound Boxes Sound Installation Germany
Akio Suzuki Make Up Sound Installation Japan
James Tenney In a large, reverberant space Composition USA
David Toop Screen Ceremonies Album England
Toshiya Tsunoda Cavity of Cylinder Soundwork Japan
Toshiya Tsunoda Curved Pipe Soundwork Japan
Ultra-Red Second Nature - USA
Stephen Vitiello Fantastic Prayers Web Project / CD-Rom USA
Carl Micheal von Hausswolff Solo exhibition Exhibition Sweden
Carl Micheal von Hausswolff Solo exhibition Exhibition Sweden
Stephan von Huene Der Mann von Juterbog.Tische Tanzer Sculpture / Automaton USA
Wolf Vostell Fluxus-Synfonie fur 40 Staubsauger Sound sculpture / Installation Germany
Gregory Whitehead Degenerates in Dreamland Radio Work
Achim Wollscheid say Installation Japan
Achim Wollscheid Auto-Autoradio-Neue Musik Radio Work Germany
Achim Wollscheid Der gefasste Raum Radio Work Germany
John Wynne James Kamotho Kimani Sonic Portrait England
Otomo Yoshihide Wohlstand: German-Japanese Noise-Compilation CD Compilation Germany
Otomo Yoshihide Tatakiuri: Japan/China Point of Sales Tour CD Japan
Pamela Z PAIR: Residency USA
Pamela Z The Muni Section Composition USA
Z'EV Touch Sampler 1 CD Compilation England
Zoviet France Digilogue CD