99 selected statement(s) appeared in 1994
Ros Bandt Dangerous Choices interactive sonic objects. Canada
Steve Barsotti Various Instruments Instrument Design USA
Francois Bayle La main vide - France
Andres Bosshard Abor Sonor / Klangbaume Installation Switzerland
Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller To Touch Interactive Sound Installation Canada
Patrice Carre Diffuseurs sonores- Enceintes affectees Valentine, 0506 JS Sound sculpture France
David Chesworth and Sonia Leber Environment Videowall Soundscape Installation Australia
David Chesworth and Sonia Leber David Chesworth Ensemble Performance Group Australia
David Cunningham The Listening Room Installation England
Dickson DEE What Sound Vol. 2: Om Mani Padme Hum CD Compilation China
Paul DeMarinis Chaotic Jumpropes Installation USA
Max Eastley Buried Dreams Album England
Max Eastley Exhibition (details unknown) Germany
Max Eastley Untitled live show Performance Germany
Bill Fontana unknown Installation Austria
Bill Fontana Vitual Nature Soundscape Austria
William Furlong Audio Arts: Discourse and Practice in Contemporary Art Book England
William Furlong Beyond the Pale Installation Ireland
William Furlong Lesezimmer II Installation Austria
Gilles Gobeil La Mécanique Des Ruptures CD Canada
Gilles Gobeil Le Vertige inconnu - Canada
Ken Gregory Cranking Out Paradigms computer controlled inter-active audio/video installation Canada
Bernhard Gunter Détails Agrandis CD Germany
Matt Heckert Disc Cable Machine Sound sculpture Switzerland
Matt Heckert Maschinenklang Performance Germany
Gary Hill Bemerkungen über die Farben [Remarks on Color] Single channel video installation with color video projection USA
John Hudak Natura 7 Record USA
John Hudak Azoic Zone CD Collaboration
Manuel Rocha Iturbide SL-9 Tape Composition Mexico
Robert Jacobsen He - She - It Sculpture Germany
Philip Jeck Glimmer to Gleam Installation / Performance Switzerland
Rolf Julius 6 Raum (Zellen) Nr. 3 Sand Installation Germany
Peter Keifer Holografic Prism Changer Electronic Composition for Video Germany
Peter Keifer Ex Machina 8-channel Composition Belgium
Christina Kubisch consecutio temporum II Germany
Christina Kubisch Watching out, England
Christina Kubisch consecutio temporum III Brazil
Christina Kubisch Sechs Spiegel CD Germany
Hans Peter Kuhn Estacionamente Brasilia Installation Soundspace-Projekt Brazil
Tilman Kuntzel NIGHTINGALE MEETS MAVIS (NACHTIGAL TRIFFT SINGDROSSEL) Outdoor sound installation Poland
Dan Lander Radio rethink: art, sound and transmission Book Canada
Francisco Lopez El Mundo Depués De La Invasión De Los Zorápt - Spain
Christian Marclay Christian Marclay - Germany
Benoit Maubrey AUDIO DRAMA Audio Theatre Piece Germany
Merzbow Electroknots Parts 1 and 2 7 picture disc England
Merzbow Noisembryo Sounding Object Japan
Christof Migone Solar Plexus Audio Work Canada
Christof Migone Rappel Curated Exhibition Canada
Robin Minard Klangweg Sound Installation Germany
Gordon Monahan Multiple Machine Matrix Installation Germany
Meredith Monk American Archeology #1: Roosevelt Island Installation USA
Meredith Monk VOLCANO SONGS Interdisciplinary Performance USA
Meredith Monk 24 HOURS OF FACES: Part I and II Film USA
Morphogenesis Solarisation CD England
Iain Mott Squeezebox Installation Australia
Max Neuhaus Audium Article USA
Hayley Newman Record and Kiss Performance England
Carsten Nicolai Major Group Show Germany
Carsten Nicolai Major Group Show Switzerland
Katherine Norman Trilling Wire Composition England
Camille Norment Expulsion Cell mixed media installation USA
Andreas Oldorp Le temps perdu und Quinte Sound Installation Germany
Andreas Oldorp Ohne Titel Sound Installation Germany
Andreas Oldorp Sound Installation Denmark
Andreas Oldorp I dont mind being moved.....but I dont like to be pushed. Sound Installation Denmark
Baudouin Oosterlynck Protheses Acoustiques Sound Objects Belgium
Gabriel Orozco Ligne d'abandon Soundwork Mexico
Ed Osborn Sound Sign for Eichelbergers Restaurant Public outdoor Installation USA
Ed Osborn Whisper Down Installation Netherlands
Ed Osborn Blindfield Installation USA
Ed Osborn Standard Ploy Soundwork Netherlands
Paul Panhuysen Out of the Blue Installation Greece
Martin Riches 24 Piece Percussion Installation Sound Installation Germany
Steve Roden Network CD England
Jodi Rose Anzac Bridge Sydney Recording Australia
Erik Samakh Eau + Lentilles + sons Installation Netherlands
Minoru Sato WrK Label Japan
Scanner The Electronic Lounge Curation, DJ England
Dan Senn Pitching Pennies Through Glass Installation USA
Dan Senn Photo Speakers Installation USA
Dan Senn Plate Tech Tonics Installation USA
Dan Senn Telelyre: Teleliar Installation Canada
Joan Grounds and Sherre de Lys Transpoes Sound Installation Australia
Denis Smalley Névé CD England
Sonic Youth X Girl Clothing Label USA
Erwin Stache Klangkästentische Sound sculpture / Installation Germany
Akio Suzuki Cause and Effect sound installation series Denmark
Akio Suzuki unknown - Germany
James Tenney Tempest II Composition USA
Barry Truax Bamboo, Silk And Stone (Excerpt) Composition Canada
Ultra-Red An Archive Of Silence SoundWork USA
Peter Vogel Trommel-Trio Sound Object Germany
Wolf Vostell Sara Jevo 3 Fluxus Pianos Object
Wolf Vostell Sara Jevo 3 Fluxus Pianos Object
Wolf Vostell Sara Jevo 3 Fluxus Pianos Object
Gregory Whitehead The Thing About Bugs radio performance/play
La Monte Young Hors Limites Exhibition France
Pamela Z Pianobend Composition USA