81 selected statement(s) appeared in 1993
Vito Acconci Virtual Pleasure Mask - USA
William Anastasi Rolyholyover: A Circus. Exhibition USA
Sam Auinger M.A.K. Installation Austria
Sam Auinger Lost Neighborhood Installation Germany
Nigel Ayers The Quickening LP England
Ros Bandt Pillars of memory Installation Austria
Ros Bandt Audite Installation Australia
John Bischoff Drift Live computer music USA
Justin Broadrick FINAL Electronic Music Project England
Justin Broadrick Final - One Album England
Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller Hill Climbing Single-channel video projection Canada
Max Eastley Exhibition (details unknown) Japan
Max Eastley Untitled live show Performance Japan
Max Eastley Untitled live show Performance England
Max Eastley Untitled live show Performance Multiple international sites
Karlheinz Essl RTC-lib Software library for algorithmic composition Austria
Walter Fahndrich MUSIK FÜR RÄUME (MUSIC FOR SPACES) Exterior Installation Germany
Limpe Fuchs Pferd Solo Radiowork/Hörspiele Germany
William Furlong 6 sound works Installation Italy
William Furlong Suite dautomne, Installation France
Ken Gregory Hyperball System MIDI audio performance device Canada
Bernhard Gunter Un Peu de Neige Salie CD Germany
Steve Heimbecker The Acoustic Line as the Crow Listens Installation Canada
Gary Hill House of Cards 7 channel video/sound installation USA
Manuel Rocha Iturbide Transiciones de fase interactive composition Mexico
Philip Jeck Vinyl Requiem. Installation / Performance England
Rolf Julius Paper Sound Sculpture USA
Rolf Julius Swimming--Wind from China Sound Sculpture USA
Rolf Julius Stones (from desert) Sound Sculpture USA
Rolf Julius Mirror Sound Sculpture USA
Rolf Julius Ash (Volcanoes) Sound Sculpture USA
Rolf Julius Dark Cloud Installation USA
Mauricio Kagel Nah und Fern Sound Composition / Radio Germany
Peter Keifer Bombay-Bombay 6 channel Composition Germany
Christina Kubisch De Dag/De Nacht Netherlands
Christina Kubisch Zeitenwende Germany
Christina Kubisch Azur Germany
Christina Kubisch Wachträume Germany
Christina Kubisch Im Laufe der Zeit Germany
Christina Kubisch consecutio temporum I Germany
Hans Peter Kuhn Diagonale Installation Germany
Tilman Kuntzel THE SOUNDING GARDEN GNOME interactive sound installation Poland
Tilman Kuntzel PHONETIC SALAT - Germany
Tilman Kuntzel PEOPLE, HEAR THE SIGNALS Light and sound installation, musique acousmatic. Poland
Dan Lander Room Soundwork Canada
Francisco Lopez Intolerance CD Spain
Christian Marclay Christian Marclay - USA
Christian Marclay Berlin Mix Performance Germany
Benoit Maubrey AUDIO GUARDS - Norway
Christof Migone Radio Immaculates lecture/performance Austria
Christof Migone En toc Installation France
Christof Migone Sniff Performance Canada
Christof Migone Squeaky Clean Radio Soap Opera Canada
Gordon Monahan The Glowing Pickle Junked Social Environment Germany
Max Neuhaus Three to One Installation Switzerland
Carsten Nicolai Major Group Show USA
Andreas Oldorp panta rhei Germany
Andreas Oldorp ad... Sound Installation Germany
Andreas Oldorp con spirito Sound Installation Germany
Baudouin Oosterlynck Pax Musica Installation Belgium
Ed Osborn State of Grace Soundwork Canada
Ed Osborn As Long As Blood Flows Soundwork USA
Bob Ostertag Say No More CDs 1 and 2 Album USA
John Oswald Plexture CD Japan
Nobert Walter Peters Injunktion Installation Germany
Steve Roden unknown Netherlands
Steve Roden Leda (the bride stripped bare) performance USA
Jon Rose Violin Music in the Age of Shopping Ongoing Project Multiple international sites
Minoru Sato linear manifold site-specific installation Japan
R. Murray Schafer Voices of Tyranny, Temples of Silence Book Canada
Denis Smalley Tides CD England
Erwin Stache Tüten 13 in 4 Sound Object Germany
Atau Tanaka SensorBand Ensemble Japan
Trimpin Project JAS 5180 - a musical doorbell Sound Object USA
Hildegard Westerkamp From the India Sound Journal Composition Canada
Gregory Whitehead Shake, Rattle, Roll radio play manifesto
Gregory Whitehead Here Comes Everybody Radio Work
Achim Wollscheid clapper system Installation Germany
David Worrall Chromachron Multimedia Performance Australia
John Wynne Circuitry Composition England
John Wynne Continuity Composition England