65 selected statement(s) appeared in 1992
Sam Auinger Traffic Mantra Installation Italy
Ros Bandt The White Room, Installation Poland
Warren Burt Slogans and Abstracts Video Australia
David Cunningham water Album England
David Cunningham voiceworks Album England
Max Eastley On The Edge TV England
Brian Eno Innocenti Soundwork England
Karlheinz Essl Lexikon-Sonate interactive and infinite realtime composition for computer-controlled piano Germany
Stephen Feld Sound and Sentiment: Birds, Weeping, Poetics, Book USA
Nigel Frayne Soundscapes for Australia Installation USA
William Furlong Radio Beyond Radiophonic England
William Furlong Documenta 9, Audio Arts, Book England
Qubais Reed Ghazala Silence the Tongues of Prophecy Circuit bent Instrument USA
Les Gilbert Southgate Soundscape Outdoor Installation Australia
Gilles Gobeil La ville machine - Canada
Josefine Guenschel Ohne Titel Installation Germany
Jonty Harrison ...et ainsi de suite... Composition England
Jonty Harrison Ottone Composition England
Matt Heckert Mechanical Sound Orchestra installation and performance series USA
Gary Hill Cut Pipe Sculpture / Sculpture USA
Peter Keifer Paulinen Ruhe Sound Installation Germany
Christina Kubisch Natura Morta Germany
Christina Kubisch Ich weiß nicht, was soll es bedeuten Germany
Christina Kubisch Alba New Zealand
Christina Kubisch Kein schöner Land New Zealand
Christina Kubisch Kleine Metarmorphose Germany
Christina Kubisch Colunas sonoras Brazil
Christina Kubisch black and white Brazil
Christina Kubisch The True and The False Installation Japan
Hans Peter Kuhn Straight Line Installation USA
Hans Peter Kuhn Ohne Titel Installation Germany
Hans Peter Kuhn Five Floors Installation England
Tilman Kuntzel SZENE FOR LODZ MANHATTAN Installation Poland
Tilman Kuntzel SENSE OF MISSION Sounding Object Germany
Dan Lander City Zoo / Zoo City Composition Canada
Christian Marclay The Wind Section - France
Christian Marclay Echo and Narcissus Installation USA
Cildo Meireles Fontes Installation Brazil
Merzbow Eleven Live Collaborations CD Germany
Christof Migone The Technology of Entrapment: Open Your Mouth Installation Canada
Christof Migone Sous les pavés, la radio Performance Belgium
Robin Minard Stationen Installation Germany
Bruce Nauman Anthro-Socio Installation Germany
Katherine Norman In her own time - England
Pauline Oliveros Pauline Oliveros and American Voices CD USA
Pauline Oliveros The Deep Listening Band Ensemble USA
Ed Osborn Guitar Mechanical Soundwork USA
Ed Osborn Attempting Ziggurats Installation USA
Paul Panhuysen Singing The World Into Existence Soundwork Netherlands
Bernard Parmegiani Entre Temps - France
Hans Reichel Shanghaied on Tor Road CD Germany
Steve Roden Heavan, Earth, Hell sound installation USA
Michael J. Schumacher Instances and Opportunities Installation Germany
Michael J. Schumacher Untitled Installation with Electric Guitar Installation Germany
Dan Senn Scrapercussion #9 Installation USA
Erwin Stache Zwönitzer 8-Ton-EKG mit blauer Programmscheibe Sound Object Germany
Karlheinz Stockhausen ELECTRONIC MUSIC with SOUND SCENES of FRIDAY from LIGHT Electronic Composition Germany
James Tenney Love Me Do and Do You Want to Know a Secret. Composition Japan
Barry Truax Electroacoustic Music: The Inner and Outer World Book Canada
Barry Truax Song of Songs: (Evening - Third Movement) Composition Canada
Ultra-Red Soundtrax - USA
Steina and Woody Vasulka Violin Power Single-channel video with sound Netherlands
Gregory Whitehead Pressures of the Unspeakable documentary performance
Gregory Whitehead We All Scream Alone Radio Work
Pamela Z Bone Music Composition USA