74 selected statement(s) appeared in 1991
Bjorn Askefoss Lydskulptur Performance Norway
Sam Auinger StadTraum Installation Austria
Llorenc Barber Music for a transit cosmic Concert Performance Mexico
John Bischoff The Glass Hand Live computer music USA
Warren Burt 24 Chorales for Chris Mann Algorithmic Composition Australia
Patrice Carre Le bruit rose Sound sculpture / Installation France
Philip Dadson Songs For Heroes CD New Zealand
Paul DeMarinis An Unsettling Matter Installation USA
Gunter Demnig Schwarser Klangwagen, 3 Schwarze Klangturme Sound sculpture Germany
Max Eastley The Pool For TV England
Limpe Fuchs Den Stimmen nachhören Radiowork/Hörspiele Germany
Limpe Fuchs Caccia Radiowork/Hörspiele Germany
Limpe Fuchs Zollern II Sound Performance Germany
Josefine Guenschel Ohne Titel Sound Sculpture Germany
Jonty Harrison PulseRates Composition England
John Hudak Momentumless Identity Cassette USA
Manuel Rocha Iturbide Frost clear energy saver Composition Mexico
Manuel Rocha Iturbide Bandas de pueblo Tape Composition Mexico
Rolf Julius 6 Raume (Zellen) Nr. 2 Stein Installation Germany
Christina Kubisch Music Between Parallel Wires Outdoor Installation Japan
Christina Kubisch Magnetic Forest Outdoor Installation Japan
Christina Kubisch Nachzeit Germany
Christina Kubisch Salle des pas perdus Switzerland
Christina Kubisch Nachzeit Germany
Hans Peter Kuhn 1000-fache Zustimmung Installation Germany
Ron Kuivila Der Schnueffelstaat Installation / Performance / Video Switzerland
Tilman Kuntzel THE SONIC PING PONG FONTAIN Sounding Object Germany
Dan Lander Destroy: Information Only Composition Canada
Dan Lander Failed Suicide Composition Canada
Bernhard Leitner Sound Space Buchberg Installation Germany
Christian Marclay Christian Marclay - England
Miya Masaoka The Interfaced Koto Instrument Modification USA
Benoit Maubrey SPEAKERS MONUMENT public sound art installation Latvia
Christof Migone Horror Radia Vacui Radio Performance Canada
Christof Migone Body Map Live Radio Performance Canada
Gordon Monahan Aquaeolian Music Room Installation Germany
Gordon Monahan KB Zed Exotic Trilogy Performance Canada
Meredith Monk ATLAS: AN OPERA IN THREE PARTS Interdisciplinary Performance USA
Negativland U2/Negativland Album USA
Negativland ADVERTISING SECRETS Radio Broadcast USA
Max Neuhaus Sirens Project Drawings Research / Sound Design USA
Katherine Norman Trying to translate Composition England
Pauline Oliveros Fritz Hauser - Deep Time CD USA
Pauline Oliveros Concert for Voice and Accordion Performance Germany
Baudouin Oosterlynck Leurs têtes, nos oreilles - convexe - concave Sound Installation Belgium
Ed Osborn Even Monkeys Fall From Trees Public outdoor Installation USA
Bob Ostertag Sooner or Later Album USA
Bob Ostertag Attention Span Album USA
Bob Ostertag Burns Like Fire Album USA
John Oswald Discosphere CD USA
Bernard Parmegiani Le Present Composee Acousmatic Composition France
Nobert Walter Peters EKSIT Installation Germany
Steve Roden Introspective Retrospective Exhibition USA
Steve Roden Theme For Gunshots USA
Steve Roden Fireworks USA
Steve Roden Fireworks Japan Tour: Japan
Jon Rose Olympic Performance Multiple international sites
Erik Samakh The Snakes Logic Installation Austria
Minoru Sato sound of electro-magnetic field by fluorescent lamps installation Japan
Michael J. Schumacher The Aural Site Installation USA
Michael J. Schumacher The Aural Site Installation USA
Denis Smalley Valley Flow Composition England
Karlheinz Stockhausen HELICOPTER STRING QUARTET Composition France
Trimpin Liquid Percussion Sculpture / Instrument USA
Trimpin Hanging Clogs Sound sculpture USA
Peter Vogel Keller Orchestra Large Scale Installation Germany
Hildegard Westerkamp Breathing Room Composition Canada
Gregory Whitehead This Is Not a Test Audio Work
Gregory Whitehead Lovely Ways to Burn Radio Work
John and James Whitney Moondrum Series of Computer Graphics Films USA
David Worrall Meditation on Ganesha Electroacoustic Composition Australia
Pamela Z In Tymes of Olde Composition USA
Z'EV 1968-1990: One Foot In The Grave CD England
Zoviet France Shadow, Thief Of The Sun Album