68 selected statement(s) appeared in 1990
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Sam Auinger Garden of Time-Dreaming Installation Austria
Nigel Ayers Beyond Logic Beyond Belief LP England
Llorenc Barber Nits dAielo Art Festival Organisation Spain
Francois Bayle Fabulae - France
Justin Broadrick Techno Animal Noise-based Industrial Breakbeat England
Don Buchla Thunder Electronic musical instrument USA
Warren Burt 38:37 - A Machine for Making Sense Video Australia
Max Eastley Clocks Of The Midnight Hours: The Work of Max Eastley TV England
Brian Eno Contemporary Data Lounge Audio-Visual Installation England
Brian Eno Natural Selections Installation Japan
Brian Eno The Quiet Room Installation Canada
Walter Fahndrich KLANG BEWEGUNG RAUM (SOUND MOVEMENT SPACE) Exterior Installation Germany
Stephen Feld Sound Structure as Social Structure Article USA
Bill Fontana Landscape Soundings / KlanglandSchaften Installation Austria
William Furlong Radio Garden Installation England
Gilles Gobeil Là où vont les nuages Acousmatic Work Canada
Ken Gregory Radio Riot Radio collage Canada
Matt Heckert Rotary Resonator Sound sculpture USA
John Hudak The Clockmaker Cassette USA
John Hudak Dweller in the Gulf Cassette USA
Manuel Rocha Iturbide Atl Tape Composition Mexico
Micheal Jullich Sunwheel Performance Germany
Christina Kubisch Zwischenräume IV Germany
Christina Kubisch Grenzgänge Germany
Christina Kubisch Klanginstallationen Installation Germany
Tilman Kuntzel MAN AT THE LAKE kinetic Sounding Object Germany
Dan Lander I’m looking at my hand Composition Canada
Christian Marclay Directions: Christian Marclay - USA
Merzbow Cloud Cock 00 Grand CD Japan
Christof Migone Headholes Soundwork Canada
Christof Migone One Watt of Truth Radio Work Canada
Christof Migone Identification Cassette Compilation Canada
Christof Migone Touch That Dial Exhibition Curation Canada
Gordon Monahan Aeolian Silo Installation Canada
Gordon Monahan Music From Nowhere Installation USA
Gordon Monahan Aquaeolian Whirlpool Installation USA
Meredith Monk FACING NORTH Interdisciplinary Performance USA
David Lee Myers Fetid Poets: Mass Storage of Miniscule Artifacts CD USA
Bruce Nauman Raw Material – BRRR Installation USA
Negativland GUNS! Radio Broadcast USA
Max Neuhaus Two Sides of the 'Same' Room Installation USA
Pauline Oliveros Troglodytes Delight CD USA
Baudouin Oosterlynck A pro-peau Installation / Instrument Belgium
Baudouin Oosterlynck Variations du Silence Project Belgium
Ed Osborn There Goes Swifty Soundwork USA
John Oswald Bell Speeds Composition Canada
Daniel Ott Rümlingen New Music Festival Festival Curation Switzerland
Paul Panhuysen Two Suspended Grand Pianos Installation USA
Steve Roden Fragment of Gold USA
Steve Roden Quartet for Ants USA
Ish S Ground Zero Group Japan
Nicola Sani and Mario Sasso Footprint - Austria
Minoru Sato contact electricity noise multiple Australia
Denis Smalley Piano Nets Acousmatic Composition England
Erwin Stache Wellen Sound Object / Instrument Germany
Karlheinz Stockhausen OCTOPHONIE Electronic Composition Germany
Atau Tanaka Biosensors - Japan
Stephan von Huene Lexichaos Sound Installation Germany
Stephan von Huene Texttones Installation Germany
Gregory Whitehead The Respirator microcast
Gregory Whitehead Principia Schizophonica lecture demonstration
Gregory Whitehead How To Pronounce Prosthesis Radio Work
Otomo Yoshihide Ground Zero Group Japan
La Monte Young Ubi Fluxus ibi motus 1990-1962, Sound and Light Installation Italy
Z'EV Ghost Stories CD USA
Zoviet France Look Into Me CD
Zoviet France Just An Illusion Album