58 selected statement(s) appeared in 1987
Ros Bandt Aqua Musica, Installation Australia
Ros Bandt Altars of Power and Desire Installation USA
Ros Bandt Aeolian Harps, Instrument Design Australia
Ros Bandt Sound Icons, Installlation Australia
John Bischoff The Curve Behind the Line Live computer music USA
George Brecht Three VOID-Stones Outdoor Installation Germany
Don Buchla 700 Electronic musical instrument USA
Max Eastley Exhibition (details unknown) England
Terry Fox Instruments to be Played by the Movement of the Earth Installation USA
Limpe Fuchs Bruchstücke für Ilona Musical Theatre Germany
Limpe Fuchs Ballast eine Liebe Sound Performance Germany
Heidi Grundmann KunstRadio Radio Station Austria
Jonty Harrison Aria Composition France
Felix Hess Moving Sound Creatures Sound Object Netherlands
John Hudak Haunt Cassette
John Hudak Bee Collection Cassette
John Hudak Andrei Tarkovsky Cassette
John Hudak 455 Gallery Cassette
Christina Kubisch Planetarium Netherlands
Hans Peter Kuhn Glashafen Installation Germany
Tilman Kuntzel Objects from the cyclus LIGHTS and SOUNDS - ALLEGORY OF A DESK LAMP SYNAESTHETIC OBJECT Germany
Tilman Kuntzel THE SOUNDING WASHING BAGS Installation Germany
Bernhard Leitner Le Cylindre Sonore Sound Architecture. France
Bernhard Leitner Sound Stars Installation Germany
Christian Marclay Christian Marclay - USA
Benoit Maubrey GUITAR MONKEYS - Germany
Benoit Maubrey SPEAKERS CONTAINER public sound art installation Germany
Benoit Maubrey SPEAKERS WALL public sound art installation Germany
Christof Migone Danger in Paradise Radio Program Canada
Heinrich Mucken DOINDEDISCHE Performance Germany
Heinrich Mucken AINAN ADABAUS Performance Germany
Bruce Nauman Clown Torture Installation USA
Andreas Oldorp Requiem für eine Schlange Action Denmark
Andreas Oldorp Basso continuo Concert for Fire and Wind Germany
Pauline Oliveros Taras Room - Two Meditations on Transition and Change CD USA
Bernard Parmegiani Rouge-Mort Acousmatic Composition France
Bernard Parmegiani Sons-Jeu Musique Concrete France
Hans Reichel Daxophone Instrument / Sound Object Germany
Sarkis Kriegsschatz (a R. Filliou) Installation France
Denis Smalley Wind Chimes Composition England
Sonic Youth Ciccone Youth Album USA
Karlheinz Stockhausen CHOIRS of MONDAY from LIGHT Electronic Composition Germany
Akio Suzuki unknown Conceptual Soundwork Germany
Jean Tinguely Grosse Méta Maxi-Maxi Utopia - Latvia
Steina and Woody Vasulka The Commission Sound for Video USA
Stephan von Huene Extended Schwitters Sound sculpture USA
Stephan von Huene Dancing on Tables Sound sculpture Germany
Chris Watson A Thirsty Fish - England
Hildegard Westerkamp Cricket Voice Soundwork Canada
Gregory Whitehead The Pleasure Of Ruins CD
Gregory Whitehead Totenklage/Lacrymosa phonetic cross-cut,
Gregory Whitehead Twilight for Idols microcast
David Worrall Butterflies Flutter By Musique concrète Australia
Z'EV Project One Compilation England
Z'EV FOLLOWING IN THE FOOTSTEPS Music for Dance Netherlands
Zoviet France A Flock Of Rotations Album
Zoviet France Assault And Mirage Album