62 selected statement(s) appeared in 1985
Nigel Ayers Songs Of Love And Revolution LP England
Ros Bandt Touch Sound, Sound Sculpture Australia
Ros Bandt SSIIPP, Installation Australia
Francois Bayle JeÓta-retour - France
John Bischoff Artificial Horizon - USA
Justin Broadrick Napalm Death Death Metal Band England
Warren Burt Almond Bread Harmonies II Experimental Composition Australia
John Cage As Slow As Possible (ASLSP or ASAP) - Germany
Cornelius Cardew Memorial Concert There is only one lie Composition England
Paul DeMarinis Eenie Meenie Chillie Beenie Soundwork USA
Paul DeMarinis Yellow Yankee Soundwork USA
David Dunn Entrainments 2 USA
Brian Eno Decorative Panel installation artwork Sweden
Brian Eno Blue Calypso installation artwork Sweden
Karlheinz Essl orgue de cologne tape music Germany
Walter Fahndrich Music for Spaces, Giannozzo VI and VII Installation Italy
William Furlong Sound/Vision Exhibition England
Gilles Gobeil Traces Acousmatic Work Canada
Jonty Harrison Lament Composition England
Jonty Harrison A cordes Composition France
Dick Higgins the artist Metadrama USA
Dick Higgins buddhism Metadrama USA
Dick Higgins couic! Metadrama USA
Dick Higgins erotic Metadrama USA
Dick Higgins follow the leader Metadrama USA
Dick Higgins tenderly Metadrama USA
John Hudak Haus CD USA
John Hudak No Basis for Reason CD USA
John Hudak There Only Confusion is True CD USA
John Hudak Blackening CD USA
Christina Kubisch Klanginstallation Installation Germany
Christina Kubisch Magnetic Air Italy
Hans Peter Kuhn The Box Installation Germany
Ron Kuivila Parodicals Soundwork USA
Ron Kuivila Cannon Y for C.N. Soundwork USA
Alvin Lucier Sound On Paper Installation USA
Alvin Lucier Spinner Installation USA
Christian Marclay 1930 SoundWork USA
Christian Marclay Jukebox Capriccio SoundWork USA
Christian Marclay Record without a Cover Vinyl Release USA
Benoit Maubrey AUDIO HERD - Germany
Benoit Maubrey SPEAKERS MAILBOXES public sound art installation Germany
Merzbow Age Of 369 Chant 2 CD Australia
Gordon Monahan Large Piano Magnified Performance Canada
Heinrich Mucken JAHRESZEITEN Performance Germany
Nihilist Spasm Band 7x~x=x LP Canada
Pauline Oliveros Lions Eye/Lions Tale CD USA
Baudouin Oosterlynck Rauf fur den Zauberstab Performance Germany
Nam June Paik Abschiedssymphonie (Farewell Symphony) Composition Germany
Miller Puckette Max/MSP Software Environment France
Jon Rose Relative Band plays Cricket Performance Australia
Denis Smalley Clarinet Threads Electroacoustic Composition England
Sonic Youth The Bridge Soundwork USA
Sonic Youth Skrewer Boy Soundwork USA
Stephen Stapleton Sylvie and Babsi Hi Fi Companion Album England
Stephan von Huene The Magic Flute Sound Sculpture Germany
Chris Watson Soundtrack to Alternation, Perception and Resistance- A Comprehension Exercise LP/CD England
Chris Watson Seven Hours Sleep Double LP England
Hildegard Westerkamp His Masters Voice Electroacoustic Composition Canada
Gregory Whitehead Display Wounds microcast
Zoviet France Popular Soviet Songs And Youth Music Album
Zoviet France Loh Land Album