38 selected statement(s) appeared in 1984
Nigel Ayers Shake Those Chains Rattle Those Cages LP England
Nigel Ayers No Sacrifice 12 Single England
Justin Broadrick Fall Of Because Early Band England
Justin Broadrick Post Mortem Rekordings Cassette Label England
Max Eastley Exhibition (details unknown) Netherlands
Brian Eno Venice Video Picture Netherlands
Brian Eno Calypso Video Picture Netherlands
Brian Eno Thursday Afternoon Video Picture Canada
William Furlong On the Wall/On the Air Exhibition USA
Christina Kubisch Sentieri Magnetici Italy
Christina Kubisch On Air Italy
Christina Kubisch Musik für einen Raum Installation Germany
Hans Peter Kuhn Die Audio Badewanne Installation Germany
Ron Kuivila TI Intends... (to enforce its intellectual property rights to the fullest extent permitted by law) Soundwork USA
Alvin Lucier Seesaw Installation USA
Christian Marclay Pandora's Box Soundwork USA
Christian Marclay Neural Soundwork USA
Merzbow ZSF Produkt Record Label Japan
Merzbow Mechanization Takes Command Album Japan
Robin Minard Music for Environment, Diffusion Composition / Installation Canada
Gordon Monahan Long Aeolian Piano Performance/installation Canada
Nihilist Spasm Band 1984 Cassette Canada
Nam June Paik Good Morning, Mr Orwell - USA
Sarkis La Fin des Siecles, le Debut des Siecles Installation France
Stephen Stapleton Brained By Falling Masonry Album England
James Tenney Bridge. Composition USA
Jean Tinguely Pit-Stop composed of elements from Formula 1 racing cars. France
Yasunao Tone wounded CD performance practice USA
Barry Truax Solar Ellipse Electro-acoustic composition Canada
Chris Watson Bang! - An Open Letter LP/CD England
Gregory Whitehead If a Voice Like, Then What? voice cut-up
Gregory Whitehead What Words Want voice cut-up
Gregory Whitehead Zigurrat chant degeneration
Gregory Whitehead Dead Letters documentary essay
Gregory Whitehead Eva Can I Stab Bats in a Cave? palindrome drone
Gregory Whitehead Only a Rash Wound Soundwork USA
Z'EV 50 Gates Cassette Netherlands
Zoviet France Eostre Album