47 selected statement(s) appeared in 1981
Laurie Anderson Dr Miller - USA
Laurie Anderson It was up in the Mountains - USA
Laurie Anderson Drums - USA
Laurie Anderson Closed Circuits - USA
Laurie Anderson Born, Never Asked - USA
Laurie Anderson For Electronic Dogs/Structuralist Filmmaking/Drums - USA
Nigel Ayers Tissue of Lies Album England
Nigel Ayers Fruiting Body LP England
Ros Bandt The Sound Playground Installation Australia
Warren Burt Lo Fi Melodic Electronics 1979-81 Lo Fi Plunderphonics Australia
Warren Burt Still for Eva - Dawn II Sound for Dance Australia
David Cunningham the yellow box Album England
David Dunn Rainfall at Launching Place Australia
Dick Higgins Ten Ways of Looking at a Bird Graphic Score / Collection of Photographs USA
Rolf Julius Morning Song Sound Installation Germany
Rolf Julius Music for the Earth Sound Installation Germany
Rolf Julius Music for the Eyes Sound Installation Germany
Mauricio Kagel RRRRRRR....Eine Radiophantasie Radiowork/Hörspiele Germany
Christina Kubisch Ecoutez les murs Installation (outdoor) France
Christian Marclay One Thousand Cycles SoundWork USA
Christian Marclay Phonodrum Soundwork USA
Christian Marclay Smoker Soundwork USA
Merzbow Metal Acoustic Music Noise Japan
Merzbow Collection Era Vol. 1 Cassette Noise Japan
Gordon Monahan Piano Mechanics - USA
Gordon Monahan Five Silent Studies - Canada
Gordon Monahan The Tidal Bore of the Maccan River - Canada
Meredith Monk Ellis Island Video USA
Meredith Monk SPECIMEN DAYS: A CIVIL WAR OPERA Interdisciplinary Performance USA
Meredith Monk MUSIC CONCERT WITH FILM Interdisciplinary Performance USA
Bob Ostertag Getting a Head Album USA
James Tenney Septet. Composition USA
Throbbing Gristle DISCIPLINE 12 Single England
Throbbing Gristle WE HATE YOU (LITTLE GIRLS) / FIVE KNUCKLE SHUFFLE 7 vinyl England
Throbbing Gristle IN THE SHADOW OF THE SUN LP England
Throbbing Gristle MISSION OF DEAD SOULS LP England
Throbbing Gristle Veterans Auditorium Performance USA
Throbbing Gristle Kezar Pavilion Performance USA
Jean Tinguely La Cascade Large Hanging Sculpture USA
Wolf Vostell Die Winde Object
Chris Watson Hafler Trio Group England
Hildegard Westerkamp Under the Flightpath Sound Document Canada
Hildegard Westerkamp A Walk Through the City Composition Canada
Z'EV Af/Uit Vinyl, 7 Netherlands
Z'EV Production And Decay Of Spacial Relations Vinyl, LP Netherlands
Z'EV Elemental Music USA
Z'EV Just Another Asshole Compilation England