29 selected statement(s) appeared in 1963
William Anastasi Microphone Object USA
George Brecht Contingent Publications - USA
George Brecht Water Yam -
Don Buchla 100 series Electronic musical instrument USA
Tod Dockstader Two Moons of Quatermass Tape Composition USA
Tod Dockstader Water Music Tape Composition USA
Tod Dockstader Quatermass Tape Composition USA
Tod Dockstader Interview Spoken Word USA
Morton Feldman The King of Denmark Composition USA
Morton Feldman Vertical Thoughts 4 Composition USA
Luc Ferrari Hétérozygote Composition France
George Maciunas In Memoriam To Adriano Olivetti Fluxus Event Score USA
Nam June Paik Zen for T.V - USA
Bernard Parmegiani Violostries theater piece France
Harry Partch Mazda marimba Instrument USA
Harry Partch Zymo-Xyl Instrument USA
Karlheinz Stockhausen MICROPHONY I Electronic Composition Germany
Akio Suzuki Self Discovery Exercise Event Japan
Takis télélumière II Installation USA
Takis Sound of Void Musical Sculpture USA
James Tenney Ergodos I. Computer music USA
Leon Theremin Ritmikon Rhythmical experimental musical tool Russia
Jean Tinguely Heureka Sculpture Switzerland
Yasunao Tone Hi-Red Center Group Japan
Yasunao Tone Sweet Sixteen event festival Japan
Wolf Vostell 6 TV-dé-coll/age Installation Germany
John and James Whitney Lapis Experimental Film USA
Iannis Xenakis Musique Formelles Book France
Iannis Xenakis Eonta Composition France