Christof Migone - Foutre en lair / Perpendicular Types of Moti
  Year :   1988
  Location :   Canada
  Worktype :   Cassette
  Materials:   compiled and produced by Christof Migone.
  Info :   unspecified

  Work Details  
  An international compilation cassette featuring Babouches Folles !Bang Elektronika Hakim Bey Caboose of Feae Cancerous Growth chainsaw Black Citron Sylvain Côté Crime O Nautix Flag Air Base Sue Ann Harkey/Andy Stochansky/David Life Idle Reels Nitroglycerine PoMoCoMo Red and Bouddha Roughage cover spray-painted silver and wrapped with wire from the cassette inside to the cover.published by see///.saw tapes (now defunct).