Christof Migone - Identification
  Year :   1990
  Location :   Canada
  Worktype :   Cassette Compilation
  Materials:   cassette (C-60) compiled and produced by Christof Migone. cassette cover of sandpaper with titled stamped on flap.published by
  Info :   see///.saw tapes (now defunct).

  Work Details  
  An international compilation cassette featuring Jim Andrews Bruire Esruk Festival of the Swamps Bruce Gottlieb Sue Ann Harkey and Sylvian Côté Mark Hosler (Negativland) In Solitary Confinement Claude Lamothe Dan Lander matú le paradis Pépé les Pois zont Rouges PoMoCoMo Radio Free Banff Radio Zones Knut Remond Roughage Michel Smith Myra Sohappy Sucking Chest Wound Jack Wright Margo