Christof Migone - Body Map
  Year :   1991
  Location :   Canada
  Worktype :   Live Radio Performance
  Materials:   -
  Info :   CKUT 90.3 FM, Montréal,

  Work Details  
  live radio performance where we superimposed a reclining body on the island of Montréal and people called to find out where they lived in this city-body. Excerpts from the Body Map radio program: Caller 1: Im calling from a pinched nerve just below the left shoulder blade. I think Montréals muscles are a bit stiff. Caller 2: Im calling from a lymph node. Actually, it s kinda embarrassing, lymph nodes are boring. Caller 3: As I see it, the center of gravity for this body is right smack at the corner of St.Laurent and Crémazie. Caller 4: Montréal has more than one mouth. Caller 5: I don t travel like one of the bloodcells I travel more like one of the parasites. And I m thinking that s probably not good so I should maybe work my way down to the intestines and become an intestinal parasite. So I m realizing that, and deciding that I should migrate towards the center of the body. Would the commuter train be blood? Cos it does come out of the orange artery and I do take it down to the feet every day. Caller 6: s an IV line, maybe we re all in chronic care somewhere. Caller 7: Montréal is a photograph of a body doing a belly flop. Caller 8: The appendix of Montréal is St. Joseph s Oratory, because it s useless. That is my proposal: to take it away in a big helicopter (the one having an out of body experience). Caller 9: We ve transferred textual activity to the groin. Caller 10: The nervous system is in the electrical and telephone wires, the brain of the city. One is necessary for the body, the other one is metaphysical. The body can harm you, it can dispense with you. Caller 11: Hello, I d like to know if the Olympic Stadium is the head, secretly? Caller 12: s a cough, It s a permanent cough. Caller 13: I find the whole thing kind of fetal.