Christof Migone - Squeaky Clean
  Year :   1993
  Location :   Canada
  Worktype :   Radio Soap Opera
  Materials:   -
  Info :   CKUT 90.3 FM, Montréal,and aired internationally, 15 episodes.

  Work Details  
  Squeaky Clean began as two artcarts (short audio art works on cart) by Christof Migone and Sarah Toy during Radio Contortions, an international radio art festival hosted by CKUT-FM in Montréal in the summer of 1991. Christof Migone and Sarah Toy produced the series along with 3 guest producers: Geneviève Heistek, Joost Ouwerkerk and Hani Habashi. Squeaky Clean includes threads or threats of a narrative but follows no script, the episodes arose out of improvisations sessions in the studio which each producer would take as raw material and give it a form. Squeaky Clean, in contrast to conventional narratives, focuses on incidental characters, improbable events and imaginary spaces. Words and dialogue are used for their sonic as well as semantic qualities. Squeaky Clean is an ear-in-cheek romp through the conventions of television soap operas and radio dramas. The myriad voices of Squeaky Clean came from volunteers at CKUT-FM. For their contribution they were coaxed, trapped, bribed, and in the end hopefully, enticed. They gave us not only their voice but their interpretation of the setting we would create around them. Simple techniques such as, for example, turning off all lights in the studio, or giving them random noises over their headphones, would help in fostering a certain degree of unpredictability in the recording.