Christof Migone - Sous les pavés, la radio
  Year :   1992
  Location :   Belgium
  Worktype :   Performance
  Materials:   -
  Info :   Radio Continentale, Bruxelles

  Work Details  
  This performance consisted of two performers walking on opposites sides of the street, one broadcasting to the other with a 1-watt transmitter. The performer receiving would play the transmission on a little receiver with speaker and record his comments on a cassette alongside those coming through the receiver. The performer with the transmitter was also recording. The intent of the performance is to create a kind of electrocuted conversation and to enact a surveillance of the social through the invisible. The performance took place in the center of the city at noon on a business day. The performers interacted with each other and with passersby. We asked them if theyve ever felt under surveillance. The two recording were subsequently synced up and broadcast on community radio, left channel-left sidewalk, rightchannel-right sidewalk.