Christof Migone - Solar Plexus
  Year :   1994
  Location :   Canada
  Worktype :   Audio Work
  Materials:   -
  Info :   Radius CD#3 series, Nonsequitor Foundation, 1996. curated by Dan Lander. the live version was presented in a pitch black space with live interventions on the following occasions: Banff Centre December 1994 Anna Leonowens Gallery NSCAD Halifax March 199

  Work Details  
  Audio piece consisting of microphone intrusions, bad singing, sporadic moaning and half-hearted humming. Concentrating on the minute, the hereto insignificant, those tiny moments. On the surface Solar Plexus accomplishes nothing. Once submerged, though, all youll need to breathe are ear plugs. In and out of claustral spaces. The inside of a boiling pot, of a fire out of control, of a sleeping bag in the summer heat, of a mother in an elevator reciting poetry, of an ear plug in fear of an alarm, of a loud headphone forest walk, of a ... The insound of an inside. These soundscapes of internal spaces are connected by blinks. Blinks coming from your ears. Solar Plexus is composed of three sections: Blinks, Thresholds, and Crawls. It is further divided into boils, fires, fountains, suffocations, swallows, descents, and pain directives (amongst others). BLINKS boil fire fountain suffocation lac maman ear plugs nose and rings towards descent THRESHOLDS boil melodies pain directives identikit saut avec imaginaire jesus de montréal te amo CRAWLS boil hair lost loudspeak rien lost again land count recordings from Montréal, Geneva, Bay of Fundy, Laurentians, Innsbruck. voices: Tammy, Gen, Martha, Ed, Sarah, Becky, Stewart, Bruce, Liam, Pierre, cab driver, singing group on safely landed plane. thanks to Bryan, Martha, Bruce. produced at PRIM Studios in Montréal, 1993-1994.