Christof Migone - je me te parle
  Year :   1996
  Location :   Canada
  Worktype :   Audio work for radio
  Materials:   -
  Info :   Radio Folie Culture CD, Ohm éditions, Avatar, Québec. published in text form in Cahier Folie/Culture #5, 1998.

  Work Details  
  a voice speaks through anothers voice. of nothing in particular, everything and nothing. it is unscripted. the voice speaks to the headphones of the other voice. the public only hears the second voice. the second voice is instructed to say and repeat only what the first voice says. but of course that doesnt always quite work, the ventriloquism is not perfect. the second voice reacts to what it hears at the same time as it repeats it. sometimes it loses track of the words, sometimes it starts laughing, sometimes it doesnt understand.