Christof Migone - Poker
  Year :   2001
  Location :   Canada
  Worktype :   -
  Materials:   2 video projections of pre-recorded material
  Info :   2004 New York (installation, group show, Sculpture Center) 2003 Ottawa (performance, solo evening, Gallery 101) 2002 Reims (performance, Dimanche des curiosités/Fin de Novembre, Manège de Reims) 2002 Baltimore (performance, The Red Room) 2002 New Yor

  Work Details  
  Poker begins with idle faces. Then a pair of hands appear and sound them. At the end the faces return to idle. Poker explores the relation between. It explores specifically the import of the face in framing relationships. The relation is performed at a number of levels, the performers hands activate the taciturn faces, they explore and sound them; the surface of the face is inscribed with the depth of the relation between the two involved in the performance—a depth measured by awkwardness. The viewer, in turn, is faced by this configured yet disfigured, alienated yet intimate exchange. to face -face as a verb, a facing in touch, in sound... ocular proximity, closeupsoclose, playing the face, testing the haptic... loudyourface, loudface... noise facials... fissures in the relation—no longer face to face, but somewhere in between being caressed and prodded... poker face—no longer site of expression but site of being expressed... poker, wrinkler, scratcher, prickler, tickler... to hear the face (to make the face), wrinkle the face in sound... touching the loud gaze... scratch, slide, prick, tickle, rub... rhythm the face, loudlooks, noisylooks... louding the face...