Christof Migone - hold, still
  Year :   2001
  Location :   Austria
  Worktype :   radio and web project
  Materials:   -
  Info :   KunstRadio. it included video and sound recordings of Evasion, The Release Into Motion, as well as presentation of Vito Acconcis undoing, two short texts hold, still and two tracks from Escape Songs (project with Veda HIlle whic

  Work Details  
  A series of static sound images. Series, as in separated continuity. Static, as in a state of impossibility. Sound, as in lack thereof. Images, as in what remains instilled. Hold still to holding on. Hold on to holding still. Nevertheless. Never the less. Sounds, despite lack. Static, oscillated arrest. Image, swallows in mouths. Series, a plural singular. The radio waves are stilled, standing waves. But still not very quiet. hold, ok, but not really lets start but already at the end still, held in suspension, stick out your tongue, as far as you can, for as long as you can. this lasts forever, but thats never long enough. hold still, the trembling gives you away, like a gift, evading escaping from you, for your mouth is shut and your tongue is out, out where words float with air, freefalling, leaking, still not there. words no longer yours, were they ever holding out, holding up, holding back, amidst all this falling, falling down. at rest. arrested. still. minute, just a minute frozen face. stilled, stifled, fled. words linking themselves in flight, held in suspension, fly in the ointment, moment erected into monument, oscillate minuscule. then, after, much later, moments mobilized into movements. micro minute ones, but ones nonetheless. narrow mouth amplified melting, griping, biting, licking moving still, stillness now and always momentary, already escaped, always spilling in movement away from and towards being held.