Christof Migone - stuttermouthface
  Year :   2002
  Location :   Belgium
  Worktype :   Curation
  Materials:   -
  Info :   Kaaitheaterstudios, Brussels

  Work Details  
  text from program: An evening of somatic language. An evening where communication will consist of words falling back inside the mouth. The metaphoric exploration of the stutter enables a consideration of language in its full materiality; all signs and sounds emitted will have a body attached. This event gathers the coeditors and some contributors of Writing Aloud: The Sonics of Language (Los Angeles: Errant Bodies Press, 2001) as well as additional guests. The lineup combines performance artists, historians, theorists, sound artists, writers, video artists. The evening is being planned as a series of overlapping and interlocking installation/ performances which will invest a number of spaces at the kaaistudios. This will create a conversation in the form of a dialogue of monologues, and will stage an interaction of the three terms, stutter mouth face , as a choreographed series of attempts. Vincent Barras (Geneva) (live) (voice/text) Caroline Bergvall (London) (live) (voice/text/image) Brandon LaBelle (Los Angeles/London) (live) (mouth/objects/tape) Christof Migone (New York/Montreal)) (live) (voice/tongue/face/image)+ Kim Dawn (Vancouver) Forced Being Forced (2001), video, 8:58+ Scott Russell (Vancouver) The Anatomy Series (2001), video, 0:51, 0:36, 0:57, 0:24