Christof Migone - South Winds
  Year :   2001
  Location :   Belgium
  Worktype :   Audio Work
  Materials:   published as solo CD
  Info :   Oral, Québec, 2003.

  Work Details  
  South Winds presents the results of a recording session Christof Migone undertook with Le Petomane (Joseph Pujol 1857-1945). Le Petomane performed his fart fantasia at the Moulin Rouge in Paris where, to much acclaim, he would imitate musical instruments and with his second mouth hum recognisable tunes. For South Winds, Le Petomane and Migone sought to explore these somatic winds as a response to Artauds ontological formulation: the depth of my being is the volume of my body. Both Artaud and Pujol were brought up in Marseilles, city in the path of the infamous Mistral, a wind which has the ill-natured habit of scattering roof tiles about, knocking down chimneys, blowing small children into canals, tumbling walls onto the unsuspecting natives. South Winds has the same impetuous effect, it confirms that the body is a noisy place. The body emits and transmits, it cannot contain itself. South Winds is an essay on the flatulent and the incontinent.