Christof Migone - Interval
  Year :   2005
  Location :   Canada
  Worktype :   Installation
  Materials:   audio, video, drawing, text.
  Info :   Anna Leonowens Gallery, NSCADU, Halifax, Nova Scotia, as part of Sound Bytes, curated by Robert Bean and Peter Dykhuis. Second version with 14 ages exhibited at the Leonard and Bina Ellen Gal

  Work Details  
  Every creature is a specific rhythm. (St. Augustine) Interval sounds the space between moments, times, spaces, lives. It poses oddly phrased questions: How many times old are you? How divided is your time? How old is your rhythm? How does your age rhythm space? Interval depicts the space in between us, as a rhythm, as a timeline, a pastime, a divided place. The numbers punctuate the space, they constantly reiterate the person’s presence in the here and now, a sort of counting in place. At a standstill, not 1,2,3, ... but x, x, x, .... What interests me here is how each participant, given this mundane task, adopts a unique rhythm —some are constant, others erratic; some have a rapid-fire anxious delivery, others have a slow and relaxed output. Each person’s presence permeates the repetitive act, they temporarily become the number—hence the peculiar phrasing of the epigraph: “Every creature is a specific rhythm”. Augustine viewed the alternation of sound and silence in music as a manifestation of the alternation of nonbeing and coming into being.