Achim Wollscheid - clapper system
  Year :   1993
  Location :   Germany
  Worktype :   Installation
  Materials:   -
  Info :   -

Sound Object
  Work Details  
  1993 - 1998. To build a transportable, flexible system that allows for site-specific sound-installations followed the line of thought that if an (electronically) reproduced sound sounds different in each environment, why not actually make this sonic environmental factor the exclusive source of sound... The clapper-system plays objects, rooms or spaces, according to the placement of the electronically driven clappers and the specific resonance of the materials and objects to which they are attached. The system consists of a computer program, an interface and several (min 16, max. 128) magnets, which can be independently operated in respect to both clapping speed and dynamics. During the first public performance of this system at Kawasaki City Museum as part of the sonic perception festival, the magnets were fixed beneath the seats in the audience. The installations that followed (Seattle, San Francisco, Frankfurt/M) examined the sonic body of spaces or object constellations of our everyday usage. The last version of the system is equipped with a real-time sound-transformation interface - meaning the harmonic spectrum of sound events in spaces or places (voices of engine sounds for example) are recorded, analysed and transformed into percussive patterns.