Achim Wollscheid - connective memory
  Year :   1999
  Location :   Germany
  Worktype :   Installation
  Materials:   -
  Info :   -

  Work Details  
  is situated in the recess hall of a technical high-school where it scans the sound profile of the pupils voices. According to compositional patterns certain sonic forms are selected, recorded and stored in a digital memory. In case a similar sound event takes place, the memory adds a related sound formation to the live sound. While the system is at work, the red squares at the ceiling are lit. At the same time the outside Ńcheckerboard light-square translates the sonic impulse into a game of moving lights. Composition is thus conceived as an interrelated system of filters: compositional density (or openness...) results from the listeners participation and the modes they preconceive relatedness. The system is open in 2 respects: via modem the computer is be remote-controlled, thus the program can be adjusted to possible changes in the profile of sonic communication at any time. And as part of an educational program the pupils are introduced to the basic features of the program and encouraged to experiment. (permanent)