Bernhard Gal - soundbagism
  Year :   2004
  Location :   USA
  Worktype :   Intermedia Installation
  Materials:   Suitcase,black clothes, cd-player, active spe
  Info :   Denver International Airport, USA, July to October 2004 Part of The Luggage Project, a group exhibition of luggage art curated by Max Yawney

  Work Details  
  Soundbagism was created for the group exhibition “The Luggage Project” and was presented at Denver International Airport in Denver, Colorado. The installation documents the acoustic journey of a suitcase through an airport – from check-in to take-off. A recorder and a microphone were repeatedly checked in as luggage with the suitcase. Interestingly, these electronic devices were never discovered by the security checks in the airports. Then Bernhard Gal developed a 40-minute composition from the resulting sound recordings; it is reproduced by two loudspeakers hidden in a small black suitcase. The recorded sounds of the suitcase are thus broadcast from a suitcase again at the end of the sound journey, in another airport and another country.