Bernhard Gal - I am sHitting in a room
  Year :   2002
  Location :   Austria
  Worktype :   Sound installation
  Materials:   Microphones, loudspeakers, live electronics,
  Info :   Durian Festival. Konzerthaus, Vienna

  Work Details  
  The title of this installation cites Alvin Lucier’s classic “I am sitting in a room”, in which the intrinsic resonances of a room are made audible through the repeated recording and projection of the same text. In ironic reference to this conceptual idea, Bernhard Gal combines the sound spaces of the two lavatories (women/men) of the Konzerthaus in Vienna. Microphones and loudspeakers are installed in both restrooms; the sounds from the women’s room are projected into the men’s room and vice versa. The resulting feedback loops can be regarded as the fastest possible shortcut of Lucier’s concept. A live electronic sound control system with velocity envelopes, delay patterns, and pitch shifting alters the room’s sounds and dampens and modulates the feedback that constantly arises anew. At the same time, the recording and playing back of these sonic spaces breaks up and questions the intimacy of this “taboo soundscape”.