Bernhard Gal - Defragmentation/red
  Year :   2000
  Location :   Germany
  Worktype :   Site-specific installation
  Materials:   Hand-scraped acrylic tubes, reflector lamps,
  Info :   Kryptonale Festival, Prenzlauer Berg,Berlin

  Work Details  
  Defragmentation/red was conceived specifically for an underground water storage tank in Berlinís Prenzlauer Berg district and its circular architecture. Glowing red acrylic tubes float in the darkness of the concentric passageways, an abstract apparatus for measuring time and space. The bottom of the building is covered with water whose dark surface creates an effect of endless depth. The red columns of light are discovered successively, one after the other. This architectural installation is supplemented with a sound continuum composed of shifting sound textures that wrap the visitor corporeally. Micro-tonal sound sequences change in correspondence with the visitorís position and motion through the space. The apparent boundlessness of the dark labyrinth is temporally and spatially disorienting, and the circles of the water reservoir expand into infinity.