Bernhard Gal - Machina temporis
  Year :   2002
  Location :   Germany
  Worktype :   Intermedia / Audio-architectural installation
  Materials:   Translucent fabric, stainless steel wire, CD
  Info :   Franziskaner-Klosterruine, Berlin

  Work Details  
  We regard the cloister ruin as a machine for experiencing time, in a spiritual context as well as in terms of its architectural-functional construction. .....- ...Bernhard Gal / Yumi Kori The now-ruined Franciscan monastery in Berlin’s Mitte district was built in the 12th century and severely damaged in World War II. The south side and roof of the church have disappeared; the original spatial concept can be experienced only as a trace. In Machina temporis, Bernhard Gal and Yumi Kori try to revive the spatial dynamic of the site, without reconstructing the building itself. Translucent textiles accentuate spatial zones that were originally created by the archways of the aisles. By moving under the fabric, the visitor passes through zone after zone. Under each textile screen, he experiences a separate acoustic zone based on concrete sound recordings carried out on site (Zone 1: the distant hum of an airplane, Zone 2: bells of neighboring churches, Zone 3: rain). In the apse, the visitor is finally wrapped in a multi-dimensional sound space created by 12 loudspeakers positioned in a semi-circle, hidden behind red textiles in niches of the apse. Here, the previously separated acoustic layers come together creating a virtual acoustic sound space that merges with the real environmental sounds of the city....