Bernhard Gal - Klangbojen
  Year :   2003
  Location :   Austria
  Worktype :   Site-specific intermedia installation
  Materials:   sound buoys, sound and light-emitting floatin
  Info :   I. Hanslteich, Gutenbrunn (Lower Austria) - July 2003 .(In cooperation with Kulturinitiative Weinsberger Wald) II. Sidearm of the Danube, Tulln (Lower Austria) - August 2003 .(In cooperation with Musikfabrik Tulln)

  Work Details  
  Eight floating sound and light objects are positioned in relation to their architectural and room-acoustic surroundings on a surface of water. Each of the Klangbojen (“sound buoys”) holds a loudspeaker and a light source; sequencing software creates choreographed constellations of sound and light. In the realization for Gutenbrunn, blue and green buoys are positioned in a spiral whose center is a white buoy. In Tulln, two green and blue light curves are placed in correspondence to the fork of a river; their intersection is a white buoy. In “scenes” and motion sequences, various spatial constellations (for example, curve 1, curve 2, sequences with 1, 2, 3, or 4 buoys, only blue or only green buoys, etc), are made visible and audible. Bernhard Gal created a 45-minute composition of concrete sound recordings and synthetic sound material for these sound objects. Each buoy is assigned a frequency from two eight-tone scales; the combinations of light objects are mirrored musically in spatially dispersed combinations of intervals. Additionally, concrete sound recordings (birdsong, insects, church bells) are interwoven in the composition, fusing sounds that could originate in the site’s natural soundscape with the real surrounding sound environment. Abstract single tones amplify specific frequency ranges within the concrete sounds, and “foreign” tones give rise to new sound combinations.