Bernhard Gal - zhu shui
  Year :   2005
  Location :   Austria
  Worktype :   Intermedia
  Materials:   -
  Info :   Jazzatelier Ulrichsberg (Upper Austria), Dec. 00 - Jan. 01 x-tract-Festival, Podewil, Berlin, April 03 MATA Festival 2003. GAle GAtes et al, New York City, May 03 Long Night of Museums, Museum of East Asian Art, Cologne, November 03 Kunstverei

Sound Object
  Work Details  
  Four tea kettles are positioned on electric hotplates on the floor and programmed timers bring them to a boil or allow them to cool. The resulting musical interactions among the kettles present a broad spectrum – from the pianissimo of the steam to the fortissimo of the kettles’ whistling, from the crackling of the cooling metal kettle to the sizzling evaporation of condensed water droplets. The installation space is darkened and spotlights illuminate the objects. The reduced interplay between sound and light underscores the aesthetic quality of the tea kettles. PS: zhu shui = mandarin for boiling water.