Ros Bandt - Mack Memories
  Year :   2002
  Location :   Australia
  Worktype :   Installation
  Info :   Geelong Art Gallery

  Work Details  
  6 channel sound installation and visual maps of electroacoustic components. The Silo Project is a research project collecting audible stories from workers in silos throughout the Victorian wheat belt. The significance of wheat silos as cultural icons and sensitive neural networks of communication is obvious as the stories tell of changing attitudes and functions concerning them. The research is being presented in the form of a multi-channel sound installation and photographic exhibition first at Horsham Gallery in April 2002, and later at First Site Gallery at RMIT. Sounds of the silos in operation and music made in the silos have been woven into an original moving six channel composition installed in large ceramic urns accompanied by black and white photographs of the silos themselves. Venues researched include Speed, Merinee, Galah, Murtoa, and Charlton. A commission from The Listening Room ABC FM entitled Via Galah interprets stories of silo workers including the final closure of two silos, Jackson and Merrinee. Accessed 24.10.06 from