Michael J. Schumacher - Room piece London 2005
  Year :   2005
  Location :   England
  Worktype :   Installation
  Materials:   -
  Info :   MOT Unit 54 5th floor Regents Studios 8 Andrews Road London E8 4QN

  Work Details  
  Room Piece London 2005 consists of 43 sounds, each of which can be thought of as a voice in a large contrapuntal texture. Each voice alternates between periods of sounding and of silence, the respective lengths being determined by algorithms that are executed in real-time by the computer. The result is a continuous recontextualization of the constituent parts: when a voice falls silent, others are revealed, as another is added, the listeners entire focus may be shifted.Because of the large number of possible combinations of sounds and the complexity of the multiple timing algorithms, each passing moment in the unfolding structure of Room Piece London 2005 is unique. Part of the experience of listening to the piece is realizing that what one is hearing will never occur again, that each moment is a fleeting and unrecoverable experience. Given enough immersion in the installation, this increased awareness of the moment may be carried beyond the gallery and continue to inform the way one listens to the world outside.The sounds consist of the following 1. David Shively playing melodica 2. Aki Aktenbusch playing guitar 3. Malcolm Goldstein playing violin 4. the composer writing a poem with a fountain pen 5. Jane Henry playing the violin 6. workers in Haarlem, NL, hammering on stones 7. David Shively playing glockenspiel 8. the entrance foyer at the Museum of Natural History in New York 9. a pair of squeaky wire cutters 10. a recording of Michael Harrisons raga singing class played back on a cheap Panasonic tape recorder 11. inside the Pergoman museum in Berlin 12. the sounds of the surrounding countryside recorded from the composers hotel room near Salerno, Italy 13. the New York Philharmonic warming up for a performance of Mahler s Sixth Symphony 14. Anthony Burr playing bass clarinet 15. birds in a chimney in Sunset Park, Brooklyn 16. a toilet flushing (hotel near Salerno) 17. a Casio calculator being turned on and off 18. a clock in the Hals museum, NL 19. a radiator in an apartment on New York s Lower East Side 20. the composer cleaning a stovetop, Sunset Park 21. in between cars on a Thalys train, somewhere in Belgium 22. the motor of a Mercedes 240D, Haarlem, NL 23. an Art Blakey record played back over an old phonograph 24. a recording of Beethoven s Fifth Piano Concerto played back at 8rpm 25. a construction site in Haarlem, NL 26. a MIDI grand piano, played by a computer 27-43. various sounds created on Arp, Oberheim, Serge, Steiner-Parker and Yamaha synthesizers.