Leon Theremin - Terpsiton
  Year :   1954
  Location :   USA
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  Work Details  
  Idea terpsitona arrived at L.Termenu is even in the beginning of the 20th annual, probably, immediately after the creation of termenvoksa (see its article cathodic musical tool). But if into termenvokse the pitch of tone and loudness they depend on the position of the hands of executor, then in terpsitone frequency and amplitude of sound are determined by a change in the position of entire body of that dancing. Operating principle terpsitona is very similar to the operating principle termenvoksa, based on obtaining of beatings of audio frequency, the formable with interaction of high-frequency fluctuations two generators. One has of the generators frequency rigidly fixed, while in the second - variable. In the second generator the frequency depends on a change in the distance between the capacitor plates of oscillatory circuit. One of the capacitor plates is the isolated, metallic plate the placed hearth by the floor of dancing hall, and second facing is the body of dancer.The displacement of dancer in the space of hall entails a change in the capacity of oscillatory circuit and, correspondingly, a change in the difference audio frequency. This signal is strengthened and will be given to the loudspeaker. Thus the conversion of the motions of that dancing into the sounds, which change synchronously with a change in the position of body, is achieved The sonic number, obtained as a result of dance, is supplemented, if necessary, with the specially selected background music. The presence of automatic color joining is one additional special feature of invention. the visual display of sounding is panel with the lamps, painted in different colors. In time to the sounds, generated by the motion of dancer, light up the lamps, moreover lamp with the specific color corresponds to each note. However, this is ensured partially mechanically.The uvula, located of from behind each lamp, vibrates at that moment, when the sound corresponding to it is reproduced, the chain, which feeds lamp, is locked thanks to which. The sounds, generated by the motion of dancer, are reflected with the aid of the simultaneously being lit up and dying out fires. the visual display of sounding includes two generators, one of which gives a constant pitch (it it is possible to regulate), and the second - variable, its work changes from the motions of dancer and change in the capacity of the metallic plate, connected to the chain of lattice. Further signal will be given into the mixer or the control valve, to the sonic amplifier and the lamp panel. On the control panel located above are placed the volume controls and timbre, and also the regulator of control of vibrator, which controls the lamp panel of the visualization of notes. The first version of tool was prepared during a stay Of termena in THE USA. Another - during its work in the Moscow conservatory (1966-67 yr.). One additional copy was made for also entirely young Lydia kavinoy in the 70s and is located at its disposal to this day.