Leon Theremin - Classical Termenvoks
  Year :   1919
  Location :   Russia
  Worktype :   Electronic Instrument
  Materials:   Wood, Metal, Electronics
  Info :   -

  Work Details  
  In the first, classical models, created with quite Termenom, control of sound occurs as a result of the free displacement of the hands of executor in the electromagnetic field near two metallic antennas. Executor it plays costing. A change in the pitch is achieved by approaching the hand to a right antenna, while the volume of sound is governed due to the approximation of other hand to a left antenna. Game technique on this type of termenvoksa virtuoso managed Klara rokmor. Specifically, this model received the widest acceptance in the world. There is a whole series of firms, which produce tools of this type. Expert acknowledged in the world is the executor- virtuoso of Lydia kavin.