Tacita Dean - Foley Artist
  Year :   1996
  Location :   England
  Worktype :   Installation
  Materials:   8 track cinema soundtrack, 16mm magnetic play
  Info :   Art Now Project Room, Tate Gallery, London

  Work Details  
  Foley artists make all the human sync sound effects in films, from footsteps, body movement, falls and kisses to the picking up and putting down of crockery. Foley Artist is constructed around an imaginary cinema soundtrack. The narrative to this film, that the viewer never sees, begins with an usherette leaving the theatre she works in by the fire exit after the opening lines of the play, Henry IV Part II, and walking along the front to the pub. So much of cinema sound is constructed, and the dubbing cue sheet lightbox details what is happening in each of the eight tracks of sound that are fed to different speakers within the room. When the foley artists are working, their sounds are outlined in red crayon on the dubbing chart and their activities visible on the monitor. But when they are not and are at leisure, they become subsumed by the piece that they are unmistakably the stars of.