Jonah Brucker-Cohen - PoliceState
  Year :   2003
  Location :   Canada
  Worktype :   Installation
  Materials:   Radio Controlled Toy Cars, Local Network
  Info :   OBORO, Montreal. Deconstructing Networks A Collection of Projects to Shift Perceptions of Network Interaction and Experience

  Work Details  
  Projects in the exhibition include: “Alerting Infrastructure!,” a website hit counter that destroys a building; PoliceState, a fleet of radio-controlled police cars whose movements are dictated by “suspicious” keywords scanned on a local network; Wifi-Hog, a tactical tool to liberate public wireless nodes; SpeakerPhone, a sequence of individually addressable speakers that expose the hidden pathways of data networks; Crank The Web, a browser that allows the user to physically “crank” their bandwidth to download a website; and IPO Madness, a slot machine that generates domain names in the quest for an eventual IPO. The exhibition will also feature a one-night performance of SimpleTEXT, an audio-visual project that is controlled by audience members texting messages from their cellphones