Peter Cusack - Day For Night
  Year :   2000
  Location :   England
  Worktype :   CD
  Materials:   -
  Info :   Paradigm

  Work Details  
  Over the last 25 years Cusack and Eastley have been gradually adding episodes to the collection of compositions that make up this CD. The foundation of this work consists of location recordings layered with the live or recycled sounds of Eastleys kinetic sculpture. Perhaps whats most impressive about Day For Night is that nothing is overdone; the pieces sound spontaneous, their simplicity is beguiling. —Brian Marley, Avant This CD represents a 25-year collaboration between renowned British avant-garde improviser Peter Cusack and instrument builder and sculptor Max Eastley. Cusack and Eastley have made these short episodes together between busy careers recording experimental music alongside artists such as Nicolas Collins, Steve Beresford, and David Toop). With numerous releases on ReR and Incus, the two musicians are mainstays of the British improvised music world, and Eastley is particularly prominent for his work with Toop in the 70s on Brain Eno s Obscure label -- which debuted his self-designed electro-acoustic instruments. Said instruments are highly developed kinetic sculptures powered by a range of forces from small engines to the wind or running water. The duo creates intriguing delicate compositions with these instruments, abetted by the transformed string instruments and electronics of guitarist $Cusack, whose guitar is at times so far removed from its traditional use that it is hard to still call it a guitar. —Skip Jansen, All-Music Guide. Accessed 4.11.06 from