Toshiya Tsunoda - o respair de paragenion
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  Tsunoda made his name with his extracts from field recordings, releases, and this CD continues that tack but with some welcome additions/slight alterations. Here, along with his renowned solid vibration recordings (very nice machine-like drones), are some more traditional field recordings; although the vibrational and hum cycles are present, so are background sounds such as birds, people, etc. One piece, recorded in a warehouse, sounds like what machine industrial pioneers Vivenza would have released if they captured a) the sounds of everything in a large factory in the process of shutting down or b) the audio death throes of an SRL performance. Other standout pieces are recordings of two installations. One features Tsunoda walking through a gallery filled with 40 hand made oscillators emitting the same high tone (but not quite, what with assembly quality, battery rundown, etc). The other installation features electro magnetic switches vibrating numerous objects. This piece sounds excellent on headphones (as does the whole CD, actually); its like being in a huge metal barn with small motors humming away all about you. (Another take on the installation is a 80 second sampler of individual objects vibrating--a medley of machine shops and deranged alarm clocks. Accessed 5.11.04 from